"Desperate First Lipstick"

"Desperate First Lipstick" is an anime episode of I My Me! Strawberry Eggs that was released on
A landlady begins her day collecting the month's rent from all her tenets. She uses brutal tactics to collect the rent and accepts no excuses. She comes to the room of her newest tenant, Hibiki Amawa. She bursts into his room wielding a fake gun but only finds a dog with the sign "Out Running." Hibiki looks at Seito Sannomiya Private School where he plans to obtain a job and start his teaching career. He rushes by all the sStudents, greeting them all.

A young girl looks at the picture of a boy she has a crush on as she walks to school. A boy places a coffee can on a trash bin, but it falls off, rolling down the hill past the girl. The girl chases after the can but falls on the ground. A boy stops the can with his foot, then kicks it in the air, and catches it. His friends call him Fukae and tease him about being "too cool" and add that the girl might fall in love with him. He tosses the can behind him causing the girl to continue chasing it.  Two girls tell Fukae to stop being mean to the girl whose name is Fuuko. Fuuko lands in the garbage and shakes off the embarassment by saying at least she doesn't have to find a garbage can to put the coffee can in.

Hibiki comes back home to find the landlady and the other tenets eating breakfast together in his room. He introduces himself to everyone, however no one takes any notice. The tenets finish eating and leave one by one. The landlady then demands the rent for the month. Hibiki tells her that he has no money to pay for the rent. She takes the food from the dog, and tells Hibiki if he cannot pay in advance then to get out of the house.

Hibiki states that he has been unable to get a job as a teacher, so he used all his savings on living expenses. However, he is certain he is going to get a job at the local middle school, Seito Sannomiya Private School. He adds that he will ask for his salary in advance. He leaves to prove he can do so. The landlady says to herself it's impossible.

Hibiki goes to meet the principal of the school and says he desires a job teaching athletics at the school. He is promptly rejected by the principal. She (the principal) says that only women are employed at the school because the school precept is based on love which a man is incapable of. Hibiki is then thrown out of the school by security.

He returns to the boarding house furious. He vows to become a teacher at the school. The landlady overhears him and laughs. She says if he intends to piss off the principal then she wants to help. She tells Hibiki to follow her to a room where she throws a pile of women's clothes at him. She says it doesn't matter what he looks like, so long as he gets hired. She teaches him how to behave and dress like a woman. Most importantly, she provides him with a voice changing device, so he sounds like a woman.

Hibiki returns to the school in his new disguise using the name Hibiki Amawa. The principal decides to give Hibiki a trial. Fuuko is the student chosen to test Hibiki's teaching ability. She is required to run 50 meters in a heavy, long skirt that is the gym uniform for girls at the school. The principal and entire school watch, expecting little as Fuuko is known for falling down all the time. Hibiki gives her encouragement and tips. Finally Fuuko is tucks the skirt up so that it's shorter and is able to make the run without falling. She wonders about the sudden, strange feeling she has around the teacher.

The principal says that Hibiki has gotten the job, but wonders how she will fit in at the school with her "rough tactics." Hibiki interupts to ask for his salary in advance. The principal refuses. The landlady chuckles at the information and decides to hold Hibiki's dog hostage until he can pay the rent.

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