Desire is an anime episode of Togainu no Chi that was released on 11/11/2010
A man enters a bar in Toshima and suddenly begins to slaughter everybody inside out of psychotic rage. Meanwhile Takeru decides to take the Line that the mysterious man gave to him in the previous episode. 
 The red light
 The red light
wanders Toshima alone after his fight with Keisuke. He remembers believe that Keisuke would return after the fight, but never does. Rin, who was left at the hotel overhears two men dealing Line. Akira notices blood outside of an underground bar. He sees a flashing red light coming from the bar. 
Akira enters to investigate and finds that the entire building is filled with dead bodies. Suddenly he sees Keisuke and runs to his friend’s aid. Akira notices that his face was deformed, strained and discoloured. Akira tries to wake him up but Keisuke doesn’t respond, and it appears that Keisuke is dead… if it even was Keisuke. Akira hears somebody behind him, the only one left alive. The man screams and claims he doesn’t have any more Line. The man runs out and Akira is left alone. Akira falls ill from the smell and runs out as well, suddenly realizing that the bar was in a neutral zone, where it was forbidden to hurt Igura players.  Akira leaves down an alley and runs across Takeru who is high off of lime. Takeru challenges Akira, and is substantially stronger thanks to the drug. During their fight Akira notices that Takeru was on the drug and draws to the conclusion that Takeru cause the carnage in the bar.  
 Takeru pins Akira
 Takeru pins Akira
Akira tries to warn Takeru not to use Line, as the side effects are dangerous, but Takeru doesn’t care. He beats Akira viciously screaming that with Line he will be able to kill Il Re and win Igura. Takeru picks up Akira’s weak body and pins him to the wall. Takeru taunts Akira saying he can show Akira a ‘good time’ and licks the blood off of Akira’s cheek. Takeru begins to strangle Akira, but suddenly falls on to the ground screaming in pain, suffocating. Takeru forces himself to his feet and tries to run away, Akira falls to the ground, exhausted and injured.


Back at the hotel Motomi and Rin discuss the recent events that happened in the bar. Rin remarks that with the bar in its state, the hotel is the only neutral zone left. Rin also remarks that things have ben different in Toshima, and the little order that was once there is gone. Rin and Motomi exchange information. Motomi says that Arbitro’s power over Toshima is wavering and the prospect of a civil war is not unlikely, especially after the bar massacre. Rin notices that the massacre happened immediately after Keisuke and Akira fought, Motomi agrees and the two try to connect the dots. Rin leaves to deal with the current situations at hand.


 Takeru's vision
 Takeru's vision
Takeru who fled the scene of the fight is on the verge of death. He dreams of his sister, and the day he left her, but the memory is twisted as she hands him vials of Line. He realizes his mistakes as his sister begins crying and saying she only wanted to be with him. The vision dissolves as he reaches closer to his death. Suddenly a figure enters the alley way, possibly high off Line, and kills Takeru. The figure is revealed to be Keisuke.


 Keisuke looks different
 Keisuke looks different
Akira also leaves the scene of the fight and realizes the connection between the two incidents where his Line addicted attacks fell down dead. Akira draws to the conclusion that it must be his blood that caused the two men to react viciously, just as Keisuke finds Akira. Akira approaches Keisuke but he notices that there is something wrong with Keisuke. Akira notices that Keisuke is covered in blood that is not his own. Keisuke claims he desperately wanted to see Akira. Akira backs off and Keisuke snaps. Keisuke knocks Akira unconscious and carries him away.

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