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Desert Punk is an anime series in the Desert Punk franchise
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Never trust anybody Reviewed by ronat1 on April 24, 2011. ronat1 has written 9 reviews. His/her last review was for Highschool of the Dead. 20 out of 24 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.
This was an interesting anime series. The story develops around a small but reckless mercenary called Kanta, the desert punk, and his many adventures and misfortunes, mostly involving big breasts or badass enemies. As the story goes on we are introduced into his little apprentice, Taiko, and her efforts of becoming a true mercenary and the deserts number one power babe. As you see the story is divided into two main arcs, the events prior and after Taiko´s appearance. The thing is both arcs are completely different. On one hand I hated the first arc, but I thought the second one was really good, it seemed each one was produced by a completely different person. But the result, once you´ve seen the complete series, is that of a relatively good anime with an original plot, lots of fan service (I mean a LOT) and pretty good action scenes. 

As pros I would say
1.- It really kept me hooked up for the second part (and I mean REALLY hooked up, which I found incredible considering how much I disliked the first twelve episodes). 
2.- The message that the hole series leave, this kind of essence each anime series has beneath its blood,  its really cool and unique, in the desert good guys don´t exist so never trust anybody, just your own gun. 
3.- Every single character had his own dark side, and even the lesser ones had a really good psychological development. 

But as cons I´d say
1.- It took nearly 13 episodes to get to the interesting stuff, and thats not exactly what you expect of any anime series.The first ones where so unconnected and random that even if you skip a few of them that wouldn´t had matter at the end.
2.- I thought it relied too much on fun service, to the point where it becomes annoying.

Resuming, even when I had to struggle against myself to keep watching it till the end, Id say its last episodes where worthy, it ended up being relatively good and fun, so I give Desert Punk 3 stars out of 5, give it a try.    

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