Descendants of Darkness Concepts

Descendants of Darkness is an anime series in the Descendants of Darkness franchise
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The main opposing force of a story. Normally the antagonist is a villain but other forms of fiction may have them as heroes or indifferent characters.


A Doctor is a medical professional that works to the goal of curing illness in others.

Maids & Butlers

Maids and Butlers are highly popular within anime and manga. They can simply be a job, or they can be a lifestyle for loyal servants to a master or mistress. Identified by a particular uniform. Also popular in cosplay.


The main character of a story or plot. Most forms of fiction have the protagonist as a hero but there are rare occasions with an evil or not-so-noble protagonist.

Red Moon

The full moon is often given a shade of red in horror genres, especially in times of murder or general misfortune.


People who through a great pursuit of knowledge tends to make the impossible possible.


A kind of spirit summoned to serve a practitioner of onmyōdō.


Shinigami are death gods, a recurring concept in multiple anime, notably in Bleach and Death Note


Literally "girl," this term is used to refer to manga aimed at young to teenage girls.


A person who sings as a profession.


A person who smokes tobacco.


Suicide is the act of taking ones own life through various means.

Unreal Hair/Eye Color

A popular design choice for characters in anime is to give them natural hair and/or eye colors that do not occur in real nature.


Blood sucking creatures of the night, although not always evil necessarily. They are a staple of countless anime and manga series.


Zombies are an undead rotting corpse that is alive yet dead and have voracious appetites for living flesh.

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