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Descendants of Darkness is an anime series in the Descendants of Darkness franchise
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Asato Tsuzuki

The protagonist of Descendants of Darkness; he is a slacker who enjoys sweets and sake. Because of his personality, no one actually wants to partner up with him.

Chief Konoe

A superior of Tsuzuki's, he is one of the very few characters that know about Tsuzuki's past before he became a shinigami.


They work in the Ministry of Hades. In mythology, they are known to record the deeds of humans; one records the good deeds, and the other records the bad.


He is the one who oversees the candles and writes down the names of those deceased. He is shown more prominently in the manga where he sexually harasses Tsuzuki.

Hisoka Kurosaki

A shinigami that is assigned to work with Tsuzuki because shinigamis must work in pairs, and no one else wants to work with Tsuzuki.

Kazutaka Muraki

Psychopathic, sadistic doctor that doubles as an efficient serial killer; he is the main antagonist of Descendants of Darkness.

Maria Wong

She commit suicide when she realized her mother only cared about the money she made as a singer. Unfortunately, she was brought back to life by Muraki, and was hypnotized to suck people's blood to continue living.

Seiichiro Tatsumi

He is a friend of Tsuzuki's, and can manipulate shadows.

Wakaba Kannuki

She does not appear often in Descendants of Darkness, so not much is known about her. She is Terazuma's partner, a miko, and a guardian of one of the four gates in the Gensoukai.

Watari Yutaka

He's a scientist and inventor in the Ministry of Hades. He's trying to make a sex change potion for unknown reasons...


He's a zombie in an apron that serves the Hakushaku. A butler that knows his tea.

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