Descendants of Darkness #1 - Descendants of Darkness volume 1

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on

Plot Summary


Two on the River's Edge Page 3

Descendants of Darkness Page 45*

A Fairy Tale Page 171 (bonus story)

The Ministry of Hades: Orientation Page 187


Full Plot Summary

Two on the River's Edge............3

Chief Konoe gives Tsuzuki an assignment to find a girl named Ayako Sugizawa. Tsuzuki remarks that Konoe must be getting desperate before he is introduced to his new partner, Asuka, from the Reincarnation Department. He’s supposed to be smart, so Konoe warns Tsuzuki not to scare him off the way he did with his previous partner, Kobayashi. Tsuzuki then explains to Asuka what they do in his department when they leave the Ministry of Hades, like where certain buildings are and what sector they are in charge of (Sector 2, Kyuushuu). When Tsuzuki tells Asuka about the details of his assignment, Asuka gives him a strange expression. It appears that Ayako’s name is on the Kiseki, a list of the dead, and her trial has been delayed, so they must bring her in.

When they find her, she is about to jump off a building and commit suicide, but Tsuzuki manages to save her (he questions why later). Ayako snaps out of her daze, and hugs Asuka, believing him to be her dead cousin, Masaki, but Asuka denies it and says she is mistaken. Ayako tells them the story about how her cousin died saving her in the river, so she blames herself for his death and wants to die as well. However, every time she tries to kill herself, something or someone stops her. Tsuzuki then says that she is probably being protected by a guardian ghost, her cousin most likely. He offers to help her die, and he suggests using a fuda shield to protect her from the guardian ghost that won’t let her die. Asuka speaks up and openly mocks her for being arrogant before leaving. Ayako is irritated by this, more determined than ever to die because she thinks that she is a killer. Tsuzuki questions why Asuka did that purposely, and does some research on Ayako’s cousin. He finds someone named Masaki Kimura, someone who looks a lot like Asuka. Later, he takes Asuka to a bar and asks him why Asuka was so emotional when Ayako gave her reason for wanting to die. Asuka replies that he couldn’t help it.

Tsuzuki decides to do more research and later helps Ayako die by drowning, the way her cousin had died. Asuka tries to stop her and breaks through the force field. Tsuzuki is impressed, and tells Asuka that he did a little “research” on Asuka, but doesn’t finish his sentence because Asuka pushes him into the river. Asuka then tries to save Ayako, but she is only an illusion, made from Tsuzuki’s fuda. Asuka is enraged and accuses Tsuzuki of killing Ayako, so he tries to kill him as well. However, Tsuzuki is also an illusion made by his fuda, and he tells Asuka that he knows all about what Asuka’s been doing. Ayako steps into the scene in disbelief because Asuka was actually her cousin, Masaki Kimura, and became a shinigami to protect Ayako. He tells her that he wanted her to remember him as someone who gave life, not someone who takes it, but she tells him that he was always her hero, and she regains her will to live. Tsuzuki “drops” a certain paper for a certain trial and abruptly leaves hinting to Asuka that he should get rid of it.

Descendants of Darkness............45*

(Part One) Tsuzuki is given another case and is asked to go to Nagasaki to meet his new partner as well. Chief Konoe asks him to buy Castella cake while he’s at it, and Gushoshin fills Tsuzuki in on the details of the mission. There are many corpses drained of blood with suspicious bite marks on their necks, so they believe a “vampire” of sorts may be loose. Tsuzuki runs into a woman with strange eyes. When she runs away, he sees that she left behind a bloody corpse in the alley and realizes that she’s the “vampire” they were looking for and pursues her, leaving Gushoshin. Tsuzuki runs into a paralysis spell, breaks it, and turns around to see a kid pointing a gun at him. The kid orders him not to move, but Gushoshin manages to arrive in time to break it up and tells Tsuzuki that the kid is his new partner. They have dinner at a restaurant and introduce themselves, the kid’s name being Hisoka Kurosaki. They have a conversation that reveals details of Hisoka’s death, and the gun was fake, and then they somehow get into an argument that ends up with Hisoka trying to drown his sorrows in sake which ends up with him passing out.

Tsuzuki takes him to a hotel, and Gushoshin does a little research on Hisoka. Apparently, Hisoka’s death was not normal; someone had cursed him, but Gushoshin advises Tsuzuki not to tell his partner yet because it might be too much for him. The TV turns on, and Tsuzuki comments on the hot singer, Maria Wong, on TV. Hisoka awakes, and Tsuzuki shows him evidence that the popular singer he saw on TV last night was the vampire they were looking for. When they go find her at her hotel, Maria’s mother thinks that they are harassing her and beats them both up. They do a little research on her, find out Maria’s mother is actually a step-mother who mistreats her, caring only for money and drove Maria to commit suicide. While they question why they saw Maria if she is supposed to be dead, the scene shifts to Maria’s mother worrying over how two strangers tried to accost the singer. A mysterious man assures her that everything will be fine and tells Maria to be obedient.

(Part Two) After some discussion, Hisoka comes to the conclusion that Maria is being conrolled by someone else. Tsuzuki thinks that makes her a zombie, but vampires and zombies are only things of fairy tale, right? After more discussion, Tsuzuki makes an appointment with Hisoka at a restaurant. As they leave, Gushoshin tells Chief Konoe that Hisoka’s death was not disease, but murder, and Chief Konoe tells him that he knows. Hisoka has a special power, and that’s why he was partnered with Tsuzuki. Tsuzuki is seen at the restaurant, upset that Hisoka stood him up. He leaves to see a little girl named Chisato fall over unconscious. He calls for a doctor, and a white-haired man in a white suit appears. Apparently he is a doctor. He checks up on the little girl and says that she will be fine, mistaking Tsuzuki as the girl’s father and introducing himself as Kazutaka Muraki. Tsuzuki clears up the confusion as Muraki smokes, and the doctor comments very cryptically about how fragile humans are.

He leaves Tsuzuki, and the shinigami is later seen scolding Hisoka for not keeping his appointment. When Tsuzuki grabs his wrist, Hisoka yells at him to not touch him and ends up making the older man bleed. Tsuzuki flinches, slightly surprised at Hisoka’s defensive abilities. Hisoka explains that he can feel other people’s emotions and physical touch can magnify it more and make it worse. Tsuzuki leaves telling him that they are partners and keep each other in line. He mopes before Gushoshin appears out of nowhere and startles him. The bird-like creature then explains to Tsuzuki why Hisoka is the way he is. Tsuzuki is saddened by the boy’s history, but Gushoshin assures him that it will be okay. The shinigami is later seen sleeping on a bench somewhere. Maria sees him and slowly moves in to bite his neck. Hisoka catches up by this time and tries to stop her, but Tsuzuki beats him to it by jumping up and taking his fuda out. The sleeping was a ruse, and he uses his fuda magic to clear her mind. Hisoka is upset with Tsuzuki not telling him of his plan, so Tsuzuki teases him for worrying over someone who can take care of himself. Maria cries, telling both men about why she committed suicide, and how she met a man with the face of the devil when she was resurrected… Tsuzuki comforts her when she thinks she is only a killer, but he tells her that he’ll take revenge on the one who controlled her like that.

The three go to see Maria’s mother, Hisoka takes Maria to the hall to put up a fuda shield while Tsuzuki interrogates Maria’s mother. He brings out a candle that represents the woman’s life and tells her that she will die if he snuffs it out, so she might as well tell him who it was she struck a deal with. She mocks him saying that the man who resurrected Maria told her all about Tsuzuki’s murderous ways, no different from her, and Tsuzuki throws water onto her candle. Hisoka asks Maria if she can remember the man, but she says that she cannot. It was as if someone stole her memories; suddenly, she says that he is coming, so Hisoka holds her as a man appears. The candle was a bluff; Maria’s mother was frightened, but she refuses to say anything because that man would kill her. Tsuzuki had already figured it out, though. Maria runs into the room pleading for help, and Tsuzuki runs into the hall to see blood all over the walls. And Dr. Muraki is seen holding a bleeding Hisoka.

(Part Three) Muraki has left with Hisoka, mocking Tsuzuki for not being able to protect him. Maria blames herself, but Tsuzuki tells her not to believe that because she was being used. Muraki was the real vampire. Hisoka is seen again, tied up and bleeding while Muraki marvels at how fast he’s healing despite the fact that he had cut the boy to the bone. Hisoka asks what Muraki wants with him, and Muraki pulls out a knife saying that he’s using the boy as bait for Tsuzuki. Muraki smokes and continues conversing idly about how he thought Hisoka would stay dead, but the boy was made into a shinigami instead. Then, he questions why Hisoka doesn’t remember how they first met. Tsuzuki is seen with a bird that happens to be a tracking demon. Maria requests that Tsuzuki take her with him because she’s worried about Hisoka, and he can’t say no to a pretty face like that. Hisoka questions what the hell Muraki was talking about. Hisoka then remembers what happened at the time of his death. Muraki is amused, and continues explaining how he killed Hisoka and why he chose to kill him that way. He then sets a curse on Hisoka, making the boy’s eye bleed.

Tsuzuki dives through a window and demands why Muraki was toying with Maria and Hisoka. Muraki explains it to him, revealing that he is simply a man that lusts after power which enrages Tsuzuki. The two get into a fight, so Maria presumably unties Hisoka and cleans the blood. Hisoka asks how she is still okay, and she holds a fuda. Their shield starts to collapse from the intense fighting, so Hisoka tries to make another shield. Muraki’s remarks during the battle anger Tsuzuki further and the shield protecting Maria and Hisoka starts to break further. Tsuzuki dives and takes a blow that was aimed at Hisoka. Tsuzuki is gravely injured, so Muraki leisurely walks towards them revealing that he used a shoki to make that little girl collapse in order to get closer to Tsuzuki and comments how he will take Tsuzuki’s blood and tear him apart. Hisoka asks why Muraki wants Tsuzuki, and the doctor says that Tsuzuki is quite famous, the King of Hell’s right hand man. Tsuzuki then tells Hisoka mentally that they should synch their powers. Muraki is shocked at how they combined their powers and summons an ooryuu dragon. Tsuzuki grabs Maria and protects her just before Hisoka summons the legendary shikigami of fire, Suzaku, using Tsuzuki’s power. The building explodes, Muraki laughs madly at the beautiful flames as they burn, and Maria breathes a sigh of relief when Tsuzuki finally appears holding an unconscious Hisoka.

Tsuzuki tells Chief Konoe that he gave Maria her soul back, and the chief tells him that Maria’s mother was killed, her head chopped off. Tsuzuki muses over the irony with Muraki and laments how the fact that if Muraki is a vampire, then he is one too. Hisoka is seen recovering in the medical center, and he decides that he’ll stick around and continue being Tsuzuki’s partner. The two have a little talk on a bridge somewhere, the younger shinigami questioning why Tsuzuki’s emotions are so strong that he can feel them in his sleep.

A Fairy Tale.............171 (bonus story)

A boy is often bothered by this tall fairy named “Lana” that calls him “Miku” despite his name being “Yoshihisa”. He is informed by a student that fairies hate the branches of the Mountain Ash Tree. He then scares away Lana with the Mountain Ash. He yells at the fairy further saying that she was evil, possessing and killing people, and even sucking his life force like a vampire. He says that he doesn’t believe in fairies and ends up scaring Lana away completely. His little sister, Satoru, yells at him for being so cruel and runs out to find Lana. Yoshihisa remembers how he first met Lana at his mother’s funeral, thinking that she was a man, and she comforted him telling him that she was a fairy. Lana is seen resting at a tree lamenting over how she will die soon because no one believes in her anymore. Satoru cries out wondering why Lana won’t appear. She believes in fairies, but is her belief not enough? Lana starts to disappear, and Yoshihisa scolds her for running out barefoot. Lana says that Yoshihisa promised that he would always believe in fairies when they first met and that she should’ve known better than to trust a human. He scolds her again, hugging her and telling her that she should’ve made him keep his promise. His kid sister watches Lana ask him if he believes in fairies. He says yes.

The Ministry of Hades: Orientation..............187

Tatsumi Seiichiro appears to talk about how the Ministry of Hades is divided, the hierarchy, and various other anticipated questions the writer thought the reader might have. This is covered in three pages.

*It was listed as one whole chapter in the table of contents, but it was later separated into three different subsections withing the chapter that were not given names.


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