Depravity City

Depravity City is an anime episode of Speed Grapher that was released on 04/08/2005

Tatsumi Saiga takes pictures in a war zone, managing to capture several action shots as a pair of soldiers riddle an enemy with bullets.

The episode skips time a few years later, where Tatsumi is a mere tabloid photographer in Tokyo snapping photos of the Japanese Prime Minister. A voice-over mentions a "Bubble War" had engulfed the entire world and its economy. When the war finally ended, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer, so for him there doesn't seem to be many good things to shoot anymore.

Elsewhere, a male dancer finishes his act and meets a woman who wants him to teach her daughter. The man responds by snapping the daughter's arm. A short moment later, he appears in an all-black suit on a rooftop, catapulting himself through the window where some Diet members are meeting. Their bodyguards try to fight back, but cannot seem to hurt him, as his physique appears to be that of rubber. Bullets and punches alike simply bounce off of him. He crushes the bodyguards to death, and then finishes off his targets.

Tatsumi shows up and takes some photos of the gruesome crime scene as the detective Hibari Ginza appears right behind him. She drags him into a bathroom and remarks that snapping those photos has made him hard. When Tatsumi refuses to be strung along, Hibari takes his camera and tells him to come to her room if he wants it back. Tatsumi walks home instead, revealing that he took the film out of the camera beforehand.

The next day, Tatsumi's boss tells him of rumors of a secret club run by Chouji Suitengu, a CEO and a very rich man. He also remarks that aside from one photo, they have no record of Suitengu in public, just the knowledge that he exists. Having few other jobs, Tatsumi decides to try tracking it down by tailing a member of the Diet. He spies on him from a subway-themed bar, then spots the man going into an underground garage he can't enter. So Tatsumi doubles back and uses a secret compartment hidden under the bar he sat in a moment ago. The compartment leads to an old ventilation shaft which leads to a renovated parking lot now full of expensive cars. As one of the members of the secret club arrives, Tatsumi knocks him out and steals his cape and mask to blend in.

Tatsumi rides the surprisingly high-class subway train all the way to an even more secret subway tunnel, remarking that these people must be pretty special to be able to afford their own train. He also recognizes some of them as celebrities and government figures even with their masks on, including the rumored Chouji Suitengu. Tatsumi follows Suitengu into a large hall, who claims to summon a "goddess" of pleasure. Tatsumi looks up and sees the aformentioned goddess, and decides to break his cover and take a picture of her. However, the other club members spot him with the camera, and capture him, calling for his death. Surprisingly, the goddess kisses Tatsumi instead.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Yuji Takada ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Kagura Tennouzu ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
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Chris Ayres ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
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Yusuke Kozaki Character Artist/Designer
Christopher Bevins ADR Director (English) Co-directed with Taliesin Jaffe. Also worked as a line producer.
Kunihisa Sugishima Director


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