Departure is an anime episode of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam that was released on

The AEUG fire on Green Noa 1, blasting a hole in the bottom of the cylinder through which Quattro Bajeena and his crew enter. As they enter Quattro senses the presence of a powerful newtype. This newtype is strongly implied to be Kamille Bidan, who is fleeing the Titans base on foot. while escaping, he sees a building demolished by Jerid's careless flying, enraging him to the point of vocally vowing vengeance against them. Meanwhile Quattro's team blows away several GMs on their way to the Mark II hanger, during which the GM pilots remark that Quattro moves with the speed and skill of the Red Comet. During the ensuing battle, both Kamille and Fa's houses are destroyed in the carnage. Later Kamille sneaks into a mobile suit hanger and steals a Gundam Mark II, a feat made possible by the fact that he studied his father's schematics for the suit. He warns Bright Noah and Emma to stand clear as he bursts out of the hanger. He then rendezvous with the Quattro's AEUG strikeforce, imploring them to allow him to join their cause. As proof of his dedication, he immobilizes a nearby Mark II Gundam, forces its pilot to get out, and helps transport the empty Mark II suit to the AEUG ship. The episode ends with Fa left behind, Bright humiliated by the Titans, Jarid unable to stop the AEUG, and Kamille a member of Quattro's crew.

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Yoshiyuki Tomino Director


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