Departure is an anime episode of Tears to Tiara that was released on 04/19/2009
The episode opens with Arthur making a speech before his tribe. He announces that they will leave their native country of Erin for Albion. The reason being, the empire’s power has not expanded to Albion unlike Erin. Arthur promises his tribe that great prosperity awaits them in Albion. Riannon joins Arthur in his speech to motivate the tribe.

Arawn watches the proceedings from a cliff above the campsite. He asks Ogam if he was the one who suggested the people of Gael should move to Albion. Ogam laughs and takes credit for it. He reminisces about the days he and Arawn fought together, comparing the Gaels to their past army. Arawn scoffs at the comparison.

An arrow shoots out of the forest, however Arawn easily catches it with his hand. A scantily, clad green haired girl runs out of the forest towards Arawn. She demands he duel her. She attempts to stab Arawn with a knife and kick him. Arawn sidesteps her attacks with little effort. He demands to know the girl’s name, however she refuses. He finally grabs ahold of her wrist, ending the fight. The woman insists Arawn kills her since she lost her honor by losing the battle. Arawn says that she doesn’t make any sense. Arthur and Rinannon join the scene and ask what is going on. The girl’s name is revealed to be Morgan.

Later, inside a tent in front of the tribe, Arthur berates Morgan because she failed to protect their ships from being taken by the empire. He tells her that failure is never to be forgiven. Arawn asks Arthur how he will make Morgan atone for the situation. Arthur replies that he was the one who placed Morgan in charge of preparing the ships, therefore he is at fault. In accordance to Gaelian law, he offers his head to Arawn. Morgan protests saying that the situation is her fault. She tells Arawn to cut off her head instead.

Arawn calls them both idiots. Arthur is insulted and says that he is obeying the law just like a first knight should. Arawn rebukes him asking if obeying the law will solve the problem and bring the ships back. He tells them that nothing will come of taking their heads. Arthur states that if the law is not obeyed, they will set a bad example for the tribe. Arawn solves the problem by claiming Morgan as his possession. Morgan profusely thanks Arawn and clings to his leg. She vows to serve him morning, day and night; to be a second wife to him.

The next day, the tribe observes the situation at the harbor. Not only have the ships been taken by their enemy but the harbor gate is closed as well. Arawn states he will open the harbor gates along with Arthur. Riannon and Morgan both express a desire to be included in Arawn’s mission. Arawn concedes to their requests. Arawn places the old man, Ogam, in charge of recapturing the ships. Before setting off, Ogam warns Arawn again that his body is that of a human, thus it is much more frail than before.

Gaelian Archers shoot at the Empire guards, and Ogam announces the attack. Arawn, Arthur, Riannon, and Morgan hide until most the guards have left the gate area. Morgan fires an arrow killing one guard atop the gate tower, Arthur and Arawn cut down two more guards in front of the tower. Before they can enter a large group of guards come up from behind. Arthur and Arawn launch an attack aided by Morgan and Riannon. Once all the guards are disposed off, the four enter the tower to open the gate. Arawn tells them to return to the ships. They see Lord Gauis watching and applauding them from another tower.

Arthur and Gaius recognize one another. Gauis mentions that they haven’t met since two years ago at the tribal conference. Gaius says he will dispose of Arthur’s tribe eventually, but his business at the moment relates to Arawn. He asks Arawn his name. Arawn first demands to know Gaiu’s name. Gauis gives his name and states that he is Commander of the Albion Expeditionary Force. Arawn in return gives his name, adding that by some mistake he became Chief of Gael. Arawn orders Arthur, Riannon, and Morgan to ships.

Arthur and the two girls head for the ships. Gaius asks if Arawn is, in fact, the Demon King who is foretold to bring the ruin of the world. Arawn says that he was not the one who decided that and that who is depends on how Gaius wants to see him. Gaius tells him that as long as sides with the Gael tribe, his the Empire’s enemy. He then launches a dagger at Arawn. However, Arawn easily reflects it with a magic, energy shield back at Gaius.

Gauis asks what Arawn’s purpose is to which Arawn answers Regius. Gaius interprets this to mean Arawn wants kingship. Arawn corrects Gaius, saying who only wishes for the principles of royalty; the difference will only be known to Gaius when he dies. Arawn then jumps on a ship which Arthur and company are on. Gaius allows the group to escape.

On the ship Arthur runs to and from the edge as he is seasick. Riannon sees that Arawn is wounded on his hand which deflected Gaius’s dagger. She takes him below deck where she and Morgan attempt to heal it by licking the wound. However, Arawn won’t allow Morgan to lick his hand, and Riannon can’t bring herself to do it. Ogam intervenes and sends the two girls away. He heals Arawn’s hand by magic and discusses the events of history since Arawn’s death.

Arawn reflects on this knowledge on deck late at night while everyone is sleeping below. Arthur joins Arawn and challenges him to a duel which he quickly loses. He finally commits himself wholeheartedly to being Arawn’s first knight and asks him to make Riannon happy. Arawn willingly agrees. The next morning, Morgan is the first the sight land and awakens everyone. The tribe watches eagerly as their ship approaches the island of Albion.

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