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A Psychic type Legendary Pokemon. Deoxys is a mysterious pokemon who has the ability to change it form. It's name is an abbreviation of deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA.

Deoxys was originally a virus contained within a meteor that hit earth. For reasons unknown its cells activated and began to rapidly mutate. It possess and INCREDIBLE ability to adapt to its surroundings by altering its DNA. Thus it can be considered worthy of the title most evolved organism on earth. It possesses untapped Psychic ability and whenever channeling its psychic ability towards offense it reverts and alters itself into what one might call Rapid cellular evolution to acquire a form better suited for offense. When it needs defense it simply alters itself yet again for better defense. When it needs high levels of speed it alters yet again acquiring speeds that surpass the fastest of Pokemon. Truly unique a Pokemon that can choose one evolutionary form for its properties and then switch to its original form and back again. Truly Deoxys holds the secrets to Pokemon Evolution making this Pokemon the most sough after. One more thing that strikes Pokemon Professor's odd is that the Meteor Deoxys can come from contained a random virus which theorizes that if the meteor landed on another planet it would have given birth to an entirely different species of Pokemon.

Game Info

Unfortunately for gamers It is an EXTREMELY ELUSIVE Pokemon that can only be acquired through a Pokemon event that has already transpired. Even so the games maker feared creating a God Pokemon and so degraded its ability meaning if you have Pokemon Ruby and acquire it via legal way it will become an offensive form Deoxys. If you have the Sapphire version of the game and acquire it legally you will get its defensive mode. If you have the Emerald version of the game you will get its speed form. In all the versions none are capable of converting into the other type. By acquiring Deoxys illegally via a game shark other other cheat code device you'll acquire its normal mode no matter what version be it Ruby or Sapphire.

Anime Info

Deoxys made it's anime debut in the Seventh Pokemon Film, Destiny Deoxys (Sky-Splitting Visitor: Deoxys) In which it emerged from a Meteorite that landed in the arctic. The meteor contained two Deoxys one with a Purple Crystalline Organ and Green One. Only the Purple One was able to emerge from the Meteorite. The Deoxys was then attacked by a Rayquaza who thought it was invading it's territory. After a lengthy fight Rayquaza destroyed Deoxys body sending it's Crystal Organ plummeting into the Icy Waters. Meanwhile a group of Scientists who witnessed the fight acquired the second Deoxys and took it to LaRousse City to be studied. After four years The Purple Deoxys was able to rebuild it's body and went searching for it's mate which lead it to LaRousse City. Rayquaza then sensed the Deoxys it destroyed was still alive and followed it to LaRousse City.

Many pokemon fans theorize that if Team Rocket or Team Galactic got their hands on this elusive but powerful Pokemon they could unlock the secrets to pokemon evolution itself. So far in the show only two Deoxys have been shown.

General Information Edit
Concept Name Deoxys
Japanese Name: デオキシス
Romaji Name: Deokishisu
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Pokémon Advanced Generation #171
1st anime movie: Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys
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