Dennou Coil

Dennou Coil is an anime series in the Dennō Coil franchise
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The children in this town live differently, they explore cyberbeings and viruses invisible to anyone not wearing cyberglasses. Once you put on the glasses you become able to see a another world that doesn't effect reality instead exists with it. Adults are the true rulers of the cyber world using it for industries and their jobs but what most of them don't know about is the strange events going on in small neighborhood like this involving cyberspace, monster, cyberpets and viruses.The children investigate strange cases involving cyberpet disappearances and strange viruses. When new kids appear in their town and their cyberpet goes missing the story starts with a game of chase.


Yuko Okonogi

A new girl travels to a new town with her family and most importantly her little sister Kyouko and cyber pet Densuke. At most times she id shy and curious and a very strong big sister character. she is especially curious about the strange events going on in town involving cyber space and cyber glasses. But the more tangled int the strange events she starts to untangle her mysterious past.

Fumie Hashimoto

A girl that grew up in the neighborhood and is Yuko's first new friend. she is kinda short for her age but she is very intelligent and skilled with cyber items and mysterious cases. other than her skills she is also slightly violent and short tempered and oblivious to feeling like live and privacy.

Daichi Sawaguchi

At first seems to be a trouble maker that likes to be the center of attention. like most kids he investigates the strange events going on in their neighborhood and even has his own elite team of boy hackers where he leads cases of finding strange cyber beings items and pets. He refuses to works with any of the girls for many reasons. Daichi may be a bad influence at times with his errors and short temper but that's also why he defends his close friends works so well with his team of hackers and childhood friends.

Yuko Amasawa

Is one of the most mysterious of all the characters. she appears later and drives the story in a different exciting angle. When we meets her we can see that she is on a totally different level that the other kids she has special features that lets her use cyber items faster quicker in mysterious ways. Yuko takes over most of the attention of the story but doesn't reveal any of her goals to anyone. She communicates with all kings of strange cyber beings and works with viruses too.

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Ryousuke Sawa
Tokuyuki Matsutake
Ushio Tazawa
Mitsuo Iso
Toshiki Inoue
Tadashi Hiramatsu
Tsuneyoshi Saito
Takeshi Honda
Toshiyuki Inoue
Kazuchika Kise

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General Information Edit
Name Dennou Coil
Name: 電脳コイル
Romaji: Dennou Koiru
Publisher Shogakukan
Start Year 2007
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Aliases Denno Coil
Coil - A Circle of Children
Computer Coil
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