Deneil-ized is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 07/27/2013

Mutta's training to fly a T-38 jet isn't going too well initially. His instructor, Deneil Young keeps chatting with him when they are flying, so Mutta finds it hard to concentrate. Despite the initial shock of Deneil's teaching style, there turns out to be some method to his madness. Deneil also shares some of his hopes as a pilot instructor to Mutta.


Hmhm, Hibito will thank me for polishing his bike!
Hmhm, Hibito will thank me for polishing his bike!

At breakfast with Hibito, Mutta practices by pretending he is flying the T-38 inverted. Hibito is surprised that Mutta is already flying inverted. Now that Hibito has regained most of his strength after landing back on Earth, Hibito is going to visit Japan next month to give a lecture, visit JAXA and also visit Sharon. During his lesson with Deneil that day, Mutta has trouble multitasking when Deneil suddenly asks him what they should have for lunch later. As an astronaut efficient multitasking is incredibly important, and right now Mutta is finding that there is just too much to handle at once. In addition, Deneil proceeds to shift into high gear, going inverted, accelerating, then shifts control back to Mutta, all while telling a joke to Mutta.

Mutta you're shifting to the side! Now let me tell you a joke!
Mutta you're shifting to the side! Now let me tell you a joke!

After the morning lesson, the other ASCANs comment that Mutta always looks exhausted after flight training. The other ASCANs seem to be having a lot more fun flying than Mutta. Mutta wonders how the other ASCANs can be so relaxed, have they really mastered multitasking? Mutta had always thought he was good at multitasking. During break, Deneil invites him to the roof where he sets up a hammock to relax in. Just as Mutta starts questioning why he isn't progressing as fast the others, Deneil tries to motivate Mutta to try becoming a top pilot and learn what he can to become an astronaut.

During their afternoon lesson, Deneil reveals that Mutta is going to be his last student, and after Mutta becomes an astronaut Deneil plans to retire. After hearing this Mutta was, for the first time in all his time flying in the T-38 so far, able to look outside the cockpit and admire the view of the Earth and space.

Hibito and the others talk about Deneil's teaching method
Hibito and the others talk about Deneil's teaching method

Elsewhere, Pico Norton meets at a bar with the 3 astronauts who recently returned to Earth from the Moon (those astronauts would be Linda, Damien and Hibito). Pico was the one who designed the parachute that was used on the pod that the astronauts rode to reenter Earth's atmosphere. Hibito and the others talk about Mutta and how he is paired with Deneil. Hibito says Mutta seems to be having fun. Deneil teaches by giving his student a lot to think about at once, for example his talking and asking lots of questions. Also, since Deneil customized his T-38 jet, the student has to get used to both the added information load and also the increased difficulty of controlling the jet. Hibito concludes that Mutta is in the process of being "Deneil-ized".

Two men in a jet
Two men in a jet

At the end of the day Mutta does some more training in the cockpit alone in the hangar, reproducing the entire flight they did during their previous lesson. Deneil sees him still training. Mutta jokes that he was even able to reproduce their conversations that they had during the flight. Mutta asks Deneil about the pictures that he always salutes in the locker room. Deneil explains that the pictures belong to pilots who died in accidents. Also 4 of them were ASCANs who never became astronauts or made it into space. With this, Mutta has a better picture of why Deneil is motivated to work as a flight instructor and for Mutta to become an astronaut.

Points of Interest

  • In a previous episode, Mutta had polished Hibito's bike to prepare for Hibito's return to Earth. This is why Mutta hopes that Hibito will notice and thank him in the morning.
  • Deneil tells Mutta a joke about a father who is disappointed that his son doesn't study more.
  • Deneil won his wife over by drawing a heart in the sky with his T-38 jet.
  • Episode 57 focused most on Pico and his work with parachutes.
  • During his free time of during JAXA's exam in the sealed box environment, Mutta would sometimes be seen reading an American joke book.
  • Deneil tells two jokes in this episode, both jokes refer to American presidents for their punchlines (those presidents being Abraham Lincolnand George Washington).

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