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The main character of disgaea 2


Agaliarept is a high class demon who is an otaku and a moe expert and First President of the Underworld Dark Moe Anime League.


A Hinoenma/Succubus that tried to kill Yuto Amakawa.


A Pillar of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division who lost her match against Aoi Kunieda.


A demon from Devilman

Akeno Himejima

Akeno is the second-in-command of the Gremory clan and the vice president of the Occult Research Club. She is known as the "Priestess of Thunder"

Akiha Tohno

Akiha is the caring younger sister of Shiki Tohno in Lunar Legend Tsukihime. She has a bit of a crush on her brother and as a result does not get along well with Arcueid Brunestud and Ciel.

Akira Fudo

The main protagonist of the Devil Man series who after learning the existence of demons and merges with a demon in order to fight against them.


Main villain of Samurai Jack


The Master of the Fist, Akuma embraced the principle of Satsui no Hadō translated to The Surge of the Intent to Murder/Murderous Intent. He is the father of Ryu, the brother of Gouken and Ken's sensei. Akuma is known as - The Raging Demon!

Akuma Shogun

The God of War in the Kinnikuman franchise, he is one of the most dangerous of Suguru Kinniku's rivals.


Alphina is a devil, referred to by the angels as the "White Devil" and he spends most of his time in Hell where he processes the souls Carrera, Rati and Mercedes have collected.

Ama Shigure


Known as the "Earth King", he is supposedly the second son of Satan, and the younger brother of Mephisto.


Amakusa is a Abura-sumashi Youkai (Oil Presser). He enjoys scaring people. He was sealed in an ink pot and freed.


A mysterious demon who makes a contract with Farvaro to bring her to Helheim


Amon is the demon that possessed Akira Fudo. To his suprise upon entering Akira's body he himself became possessed by Akira's kind will. Thuscreating the first Devil Man

Ancient Spirits of Evil

The evil spirits who Mumm-Ra serves. They seem to be four entities who speak in unison indicating constant telepathic communication.


Alaindelon's daughter who, like him, is a dimensional transfer demon. She is also a bit of an airhead.

Aoi Kurosaki

A character from the Devilman Lady franchise. A friend/rival of Juns from High School who developed the Devil Beast Syndrome.

Arch Demon Medu

Medu is a powerful Arch Demon who was sealed away into a stone. Shadow Lady was forced to free him from his prison.


A Demon Man Digimon. Who is Pyschemon's evolved form.


A female Demon who desires to merge with another in order to rid herself of her disgusting body.


Also known as the Yellow Eyed Demon, he is the antagonist of Supernatural.


A demon that is ablt to incite lust. He is always summoned by Akutabe and Rinko.


A fallen angel, now demon, who is after the God Key.


Baramos is the main villain of Dragon Warior. He's a a demon from the ancient and evil kingdom of Estark and desires to find the Red Stone and gain immortality from dragon's blood.


A Pillar Head of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division.

Bathym de Alaindelon

A dimensional transfer demon who works under Hilda. He's currently living at Furuichi's place without his consent.


The prince of Hell who has the ability to force the true nature of a person to come out and also can cause people to Defecate. He really looks like a giant fly but when summoned by Akutabe he turn into a penguin with insect wings.


A powerful demon who seeks the destruction of angels and the revival of Bahamut.


One of the Seven Great Demon Lords who represents Gluttony. He is Impmon's Mega (Ultimate) form.


Berial is a blue demon and a member of Oracion Seis in the Rave Master franchise.

Betheal Gavarre

Former inquisitor in the medieval time turn into the demon/devil Belial after being tricked by Temozarela to kill his son, losing his faith in God. Instead of joining Temozarela he decide to fight him. Later he make a deal with the insane priest Ivan Isaacs who want revenge against Temozarela.

Black Smoke Dragon

An evil dragon that is summoned by the cracked Dragon Balls.


Blue is a water demon in human form, traveling with Keel, Lavi and Mippy while seeking for revenge against Kurokiri, the man who slaughter his entire family and race.


The son of Moka and a resident of Galuna Island.


One of the members of Team Toguro, who fought Hiei during the Dark Tournament Finals.


The 2nd of the 4 Saint Beasts that Yusuke and the gang encountered in Maze Castle. Kuwabara had to defeat him twice in order to past him, but in the end, Byakko was killed by his teammate Seiryu.


One of Naraku's incarnation who is very different from his brothers and sisters, and obeys Naraku's every command without betrayal.


A character from Black Butler II and serves Alois Trancy along side his brothers


One of the main characters of the "Viper GTS" hentai series. Carrera is a voluptuous, hypersexual succubus best known for her love of sex, but also the quality and abundance of the souls she captures, when she doesn't even try, something that leads to an enmity between her and Mercedes.


A demoness who works for Azazel in search of the God Key.


God of Discord and a villain of Final fantasy

Chii Shenron

One of the seven evil dragons that Goku must beat in order to restore the Dragon Balls and the earth to normal.

Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive is the only child of the late Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive and owner of the Funtom company, a business that mainly sells toys/sweets. A supernatural/demonic contract binds him to Sebastian Michaelis, who promised Ciel revenge on those who ruined him in exchange for his soul.

Claude Faustus

The Trancy butler and main Antagonist from Kuroshitsuji II.



A devil unleashed from hell. He fight with boxing glove and show uncanny endurance.


The Mayor of Daten City.

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