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Are powerful creatures that live in the pits of Hell. That are many classes and levels for these monsters but no matter the rank they are deadly beasts.

Demons are said to be the greatest tool of evil that Lucifer has ever created in the pits of hell. The first demons are said to be the fallen angels who were cast away from heaven by God himself. Most of these vile creatures tends to be manifestations of Lucifer's traits and aspects, but can also look incredibly innocent. Thoguh most demons are created by Lucifer himself and serves him with great fear and respect, many demons live outside the pits of hell and does not serve him ( this does not stop them from being evil and vile, though ). Due to the strong bonds they have with hell, it is incredibly rare to find a demon who is good at heart. Some say it is even impossible since whatever good deeds they may do can simply be acts fueled by greed and expectations of a reward in return. 
General Information Edit
Concept Name Demons
Japanese Name: 悪魔
Romaji Name: akuma
Aliases Devils
Fallen Angels
Spawn of evil
Spawn of satan
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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