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Demon Lord Dante is an manga series in the Demon Lord Dante franchise
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The main antagonist in Go Nagai's Demon Lord Dante. God is a energy base being that came to earth and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. The survivors of the city were turned into Devils due to it's residual energies.

Kosuke Utsugi

The father of Ryo and the leader of the Organization of God

Professor Veil Zebub

The leader of the satanist.

Ryo Utsugi

A high school student becoming Demon Lord Dante.

Saeko Kodai

Dante's lover during his years in Sodom, Medusa has been alive many years and assumed the human form of a supermodel named Saeko Kodai in the present. After rencountering Ryo Utsugi/Dante she helps him in regaining his memories from the past.

Saori Utsugi

Ryo's younger sister.

Sosuke Oshiba

A friend of Ryo Utsugi. He had a hatred of demons and he is part of the Organization of God

Tamiko Utsugi

The mother of Ryo


A demon who was Dante's friend during their days in Sodom. Zenon was forced into serving God so he would not suffer a like Dante and Satan, under the promise he would be reincarnated as a god-like being. He has also appeared in the Devilman series.

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