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Demon King Daimao is an anime series in the Demon King Daimao franchise
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A very funny anime Reviewed by Destinyheroknight on April 22, 2010. Destinyheroknight has written 4 reviews. His/her last review was for Negima!?. 19 out of 20 users recommend his reviews. 8 out of 8 users found this review helpful.

The series start out with a woman holding a crying baby in stormy weather. She leaves the baby in front of a church's door saying "I pray that you be healthy, and on the day you realize your fate, I pray that you be strong. O child of our hopes."

The baby Sai
The baby Sai

Where I first saw that part I thought it was going be a serious anime but I was wrong. The story skip to the future showing a older Sai as he geting off a train. He then run in to a blue hair woman with a wooded sword. As she run up the stairs you will see the first fan service. I like

Fan Service
Fan Service

the censored saying don't look that so funny. Then Sai help a old lady whom is Jounko's grandma pick her stuff she drop. Jounko see a man  holding her grandma's suitcase. Thinking that he was trying to mock her. Jounko jump kick Sai in the face. That one of my favorite parts in this show. 
Ok moving on they find out they going to the same school Constant Academy.Sai tell Jounko about his dream to become high priest. 


Sai go to the nurse's office for his check up and his future job by a smoking crow that funny. When Sai walk up to the crow for his check up/future job the crow

Smoking Crow
Smoking Crow

begin to sweat  out of fear say "Demon Lord." For his future job everyone flee the room out of fear. 
 I like this anime. It have two thing I like comedy and action. 




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