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Demon King Daimao is an anime series in the Demon King Daimao franchise
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If you think your first day of high school was bad... Reviewed by lordbane666 on Oct. 2, 2011. lordbane666 has written 29 reviews. His/her last review was for Burn Up W. 16 out of 18 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.

I'd like to first mention about this anime, that it used one of my all time favorite and very underused genres, magitech. This is like taking one part powerful magic and one part futuristic technology and blending it together in one delicious smoothie that I enjoy almost too much. They did a great job of presenting this, and the fact it was run of the mill on the depicted world (set 1000 years in the future) and everyone used it.

The story follows the main character Sai Akuto and starts when he is a baby. Some woman (we never find out who it is) drops him at the door step of a Church and mentions something about following his destiny. The story then fast forwards to his teenage years, and his first day at a prodigious state run school for magic. Now, we all remember the traumatic first day of High School, but no matter how bad it was, it did not hold a candle to his. He steps off a train and helps an old woman with a bag she dropped only to get kicked in the face by her grand daughter, Junko, who thinks Sai is a thief. After an apology for this misunderstanding, the two make there way by monorail that takes them to the Constantin Magic High School, and discuss there plans for the future. We find out the goodie goodie Sai plans on being an arch bishop, and it will to have to lead a life of purity in order to make it happen. He and his new hottie babe friend Junko make a friendship pact with dire results if it's broken. He then catches his first glimpse of this magnificent school and his new friend shows him around a bit. Except for the kick in the face, it all going well so far for young Sai, that is until he visits the school nurse, who is to be his new homeroom teacher, along with all the other new students. She has a holographic penguin who looks and sounds alot like Groucho Marx, evaluates the health of the person in front of it, as well as predicts, with 100% accuracy, the future occupation of the person it is evaluating. Sai takes his turn and after learning that he is in perfect health, his future occupation is Demon King, who 100 years earlier tried to wipe out humanity. The news of this spreads like wildfire throughout the school and by the time Sai makes his way to homeroom, the whole school know about him and is terrified. He walks into class and the students cannot run far enough away from him, Junko is also in his homeroom and she looks mad. In the first minute of class, he introduces himself to his homeroom class and gives a speech that inadvertently is much like one historically given by the old Demon King. Making matters worst, after he takes his seat, the question of the next class president comes up, and Junko, who held the position in the last school term, is volunteered by the teacher. We then get introduced to an annoying young prick (and why someone so much younger than the rest of the students was in this class is something we never find out) named Hiroshi, who volunteers Sai for president, further making Junko's blood boil. Sai declines and instead, volunteers for class janitor, thinking it would involve cleaning up the class, but it doesn't. Instead, he finds out he volunteered to be the equivalent of the class hit-man, a position that was removed years ago, and this pushes Junko over the edge. She throws him a weapon and challenges him to combat, which the teacher must allow because of her clan. Rather than use the weapon to defend himself, Sai inadvertently triggers his Demon King powers, blows up the class, leaving poor Junko nude and unconscious on the floor, and what little is left of his classroom is in runes. He has only been in his new school for less than one hour, and he has already make a impression on the entire school, on several different levels, none of them good.

The anime is chock full of great humor, and not just the slap stick crap normally found in the stuff that comes out of Japan. There is a ton of Ecchi and Panchira (I guess you can call it fan service) though genitalia was censored out. It had great character development and dialog, the relationship between Sai and Hiroshi was fun to watch develop, and reminded me of the anime "Code: Geass" or like the "X-Men", where the main adversaries start out as best friends, which effects combat between them. Also, I liked the fact everyone in his school was either out to kill him (at one point or another), or with some of the girls, use him to there advantage. The story was well presented and easy to follow, but it did have a few flashbacks in order to build a backstory. Fortunately, this was infrequent, almost rare. The characters, mostly women, all had there very own form of insanity, which Sai could not help but get caught up in. Character development was swift, as were the combat sequences, but this was understandable given there where only 12 episodes to tell the story in. Combat in the story was quick paced, lopsided towards Sai, at least in the early parts of the series, though this would change later on, when it grew longer in time and more intense. The original plot and well told story, along with the fact it was very entertaining, funny as all hell, and overall well done, earned this series the highest mark I can give. I highly recommend this title.
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