Demon Hunt

Demon Hunt is an anime episode of Blue Exorcist that was released on 09/11/2011


Demon Hunt - "Akuma-Kari" (悪魔狩り)

Ernest is elected as the new pope and appoints Yukio as the new Paladin. Armed with Vatica's latest weapons, every exorcist around the world take part in Ernest's first orders: erase all demons from Assiah. Yukio shows the greatest determination to complete this task as Ernest claims that this is all part of his plan to destroy Gehenna, and that if it is accomplished, him and Rin will return to being human once again. However, it is revealed that Ernest's true objectives is to sacrifice Rin to open the gate to Gehenna and use Yukio body as a vessel.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"In My World" by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D

Kuro wakes up Rin, who wonders why Yukio still didn't come back albeit he gets a little angered that he didn't bother to call him. He then notices the time and realizes that he's late for class. However, upon arriving at the front entrance of the school, he sees a huge crowd of students standing outside and asks Bon, Shima and Konekomaru (who were nearby) what was happening. Bon replies that the school is temporarily closed due to an investigation involving the hostage situation that had occurred several days ago. He continues explaining that the principal is being held responsible for that incident. Izumo suddenly appears and tells them that in addition, the leaders of the Vatican had been replaced and that a new pope had been elected. As they contemplate what this all means, Bon states that everything, including the True Cross Academy and the Japanese Branch, will change as a whole.

Yukio, the new Paladin
Yukio, the new Paladin

Meanwhile, in one of the classrooms, Yukio is announced as the new head of the Japanese Branch, which shocks most of the professors. As they question why a student with a middle class exorcist title would be chosen for such a high position, Yukio merely raises his I.D. in response and displays his new rank as Paladin, leaving everybody speechless while Shura watches unimpressed.

Ernest, the new pope
Ernest, the new pope

Outside, Shura delivers the news to Rin who reacts in an inferior manner, displeased that his brother managed to reach the level of Paladin before him. Yukio then appears and tells Rin that everything he heard was true. When asked why he didn't tell him about something this important, he answers that it was an emergency summon and that he was only appointed to carry out Vatican's plan. In the meantime, the new pope is revealed to be Ernest Frederick Erin, who presents a speech of eradicating demons from the world and returning Assiah back into the hands of mankind. He then orders all the exorcists around the world to initiate "Operation Jacob's Ladder". Yukio reveals to Rin that his job is to carry out this plan and asks his brother if he will aid him to which he answers yes.

Demon power being transferred
Demon power being transferred

Following Ernest's speech, Bon, Shima, Konekomaru, Shiemi and Izumo are given weapons (developed by the Vatican) to slay demons which takes the power of a defeated demon and transfers it over to its wielder, boosting his/her exorcism power. As the demon hunt begins, exorcist after exorcist slay countless demons, including Bon and the others who wonder if what they are doing is right. Rin also ponders sadly as he watches the exorcists ruthlessly annihilate swarms of demons.

Vatican's ultimate weapon against Satan, the Messiah
Vatican's ultimate weapon against Satan, the Messiah

In Ernest's office, Yukio reports the progress of their operation, telling him that although many regions have been cleansed, others are showing signs of resistance. In response, Ernest orders him to tell every exorcist that this is a crusade and that without sacrifices, their dreams will not come true. Yukio merely remains silent to which Ernest asks if there is anything he wants to say. After replying a firm "no", he walks off, recalling the conversation he had with Ernest about the possibility of turning Rin back into a human. He remembered Ernest telling him that since the Kurikara seals Rin's blue flames in Gehenna, only destroying that demon world would revert Rin back to an ordinary human. Yukio replied that its not possible but Ernest states otherwise, revealing the Vatican's ultimate weapon that can accomplish this: the "Messiah". He explains that it can be launched through an artificial Gehenna Gate that requires immense demon blood to keep open. After asking if its truly possible to turn Rin back to a human, Ernest answers that its also possible for him and tells him that he's aware of his secret.

Yukio pointing his gun at Kuro
Yukio pointing his gun at Kuro

At a campsite, Rin approaches his friends with a smile prompting Izumo to question his mood as she turns her attention to a depressed Shiemi. Suddenly a demon boar rampages through the camp, but is easily defeated by Yukio. Before perishing, he warns them that they will regret the atrocities it committed against its kin. Rin asks Yukio why he killed it since it was the lord of the forest and just tried to protect its kin to which the latter answers that he's hunting demons, as commanded by the Vatican. He reminds Rin that they were ordered to eliminate every demon from their world, causing Rin to angrily question if he's going to kill Kuro, Ukobach and Izumo's Gods of Harvest. Yukio raises and points his gun at Kuro, telling his brother that its part of the operation. As Rin tries to stop him, Yukio knocks him out and takes him to the Vatican Headquarters. On his way there, he bumps into Shura who grabs his arm and finds it infected. She asks if his negative test results were all lies but Yukio replies that what he's doing will save them all.

Meanwhile Yoshikuni explains the origins of a the "Bloodsucker" weapon (which is used by the exorcists) to Bon, telling him that they were once possessed by a count from Transylvania to suck human blood. After she advises him to use it use it as little as possible, he begins to get a suspicious feeling about the entire demon extermination plan, making him look from answers from the professors, with the first being Professor Tsubaki.

Mephisto behind bars
Mephisto behind bars

In prison, Rin wakes up to see Mephisto behind bars from across his cell who explains that they are currently located in the lowest part of the Vatican Headquarters known as the Cocytus. After learning what happened while he was gone, he begins to tell Rin how he ended up in this prison with picture cards. He starts 500 years ago when he (previously known as Johann Faust) was interested in artificial life research and left his laboratory to his students following a ban by the Vatican to create life. But his students continued his research in his lab located in Poland. He also notes that Neuhaus was a student of a student of his. Rin asks about who revived his wife to which Mephisto answers that it was probably someone who disliked him as part of a trap. He then transforms into his dog form and tells Rin that he can't miss a play that was about to begin, leaving him behind. Soon after, Ernest comes in and reveals himself as his grandfather.

Rin about to get executed
Rin about to get executed

As Bon and the others try to get some information from Professor Tsubaki, the only knowledge he reveals is that someone is about to be executed at the top of the True Cross Academy. However on their way there, they notice Arthur standing in the entrance, refusing to let them pass. At the top of the Academy, Rin is tied to an X-shaped cross, as the surrounding spectators chant. As they do, the demon blood gathered in hundreds of weapons starts to flow towards the center of a magic circle in front of Rin. Ernest then unsheathes Kurikara and strikes the blood, causing Rin to experience immense pain. In the meantime, Shura appears and keeps Arthur busy as Bon, Shiemi, Izuma, Shima and Konekomaru along with Tsubaki make their way to the top.

As Rin is getting executed, Yukio shows up and demands to know what is happening to his brother. Ernest replies that Rin is being sacrificed to open the gates to Gehenna, shocking Yukio who suddenly realizes that everything was a lie.

Ending Theme

"Wire Life" by Meisa Kurok

Points of Interest

  • The laboratory that conducted research in artificial life was founded by Mephisto in Poland 500 years ago
  • Mephisto's original name is "Johann Faust"
  • Mephisto has been arrested and imprisoned for his work in artificial life
  • It still is unknown as to who exactly revived Neuhaus' wife
  • Ernest becomes the new pope
  • Yukio becomes the new Paladin and head of the Japanese Branch
  • Pope Ernest commands all exorcists to commence "Operation Jacob's Ladder", a plan that orders the complete annihilation of demons from the world
  • Ernest reveals Vatican's ultimate weapon to destroy Gehenna, the Messiah, which can only be launched through a Gehenna Gate maintained by demon blood. He tries to use Yukio to fulfill his plan of destroying the demon world by lying to him saying that if they can accomplish this, Rin (and him) can turn back into an ordinary humans again.
  • Ernest and Shura are aware of Yukio's "secret"
  • Ernest's true plan is to bring Satan into the human world
  • Vatican's lowest level is a prison named "Cocytus"
  • Rin meets his grandfather for the first time

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Kazue Kato Original Concept A writer, illustrator, and mangaka. Creator of the manga Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist).
Tensai Okamura Director He's the creator of Darker than Black and a director for many shows.
Takashi Kojima Key Animator Animator
Ryota Yamaguchi Writer
Hiroyuki Sawano Music He's the musician in Guilty Crown, Blue Exorcist, and more.
Hiro Maruyama Producer


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