Demon Eyes Kyo

Demon Eyes Kyo is a anime/manga character in the Samurai Deeper Kyo franchise
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Demon Eyes Kyo is the main protagonist of Samurai Deeper Kyo. He's the infamous Thousand Men Slayer once feared and respected once the world. He had vanished 4 years ago but he's back to reclaim the title of strongest and unravel his mysterious past.

Demon Eyes Kyo is a legendary fighter who had slain thousand samurai once in the Sekigahara battle. He found no peers in battle and was infamous for glowing red eyes accompanied with bloodthirst. Four years ago he had vanished without the trace and no one knew his whereabouts. Unknown to many Kyo's residing in the body of the kind medicineman, Kyoshiro. Whenever Kyo awakens a trail of bloodshed follows his path. Kyo wishes to retake his original body and become the strongest warrior once again.


Kyo initially appears to be a wild bloodthirsty murderer who slays anyone or anything once set free. First time he had almost killed Yuya but choose to spare her. On the course of the plot Yuya and the rest of the slowly unravel that Kyo isn't as evil as he seems. Kyo is aloof and harsh with everyone but does show signs of care and even mercy. His companions slowly but surely effecting him but his attitude still remains the same. He calls his friends as servants or subordinate and use it as an excuse to protect them. He prefers to keep his emotions inside. Nevertheless, Kyo loves to battle and shows extreme tenacity. He rarely if ever admits defeat and fights till the very end. He seems amoral but Kyo knows and holds the samurai code of honor.




Yuuya Shiina: 
Yuya initially wishes to capture Kyo and take the reward of 1 million ryo on his head. In the beginning he almost killed her but when she showed some bravery, he choose to spare her. Kyo "made" her his first servant and demands her to follow him. Kyo often calls her unattractive and sexually harasses her after every battle. He often just rudely call her "dog-face". Despite that Yuya gradually develops feelings for him. Though Kyo doesn't show much reaction certain scenes imply that her love is mutual.
Second member of Kyo's growing party. He was "defeated" by Kyoshiro in battle and found them fun. He fell for Yuya on the first sight but didn't openly rivalize with Kyo over her. That doesn't stop him from always noting Yuya's affection to Kyo which often gets a flat response from the later.
Mysterious woman spy who appears to love Kyo. She especially love his brutality and mercilessness. She's willing to go as far as to make Kyo hate her just to fill his heart up with herself. Okuni is very devoted to Kyo and later assist the party in many occasions.
Yukimura Sanada:
Initially Yukimura tried to use Kyo for assassinating the Tokuwaga leader and overthrowing the present government. While his plan failed he later reveals connections to Sakuya and Kyoshiro. His relation to Kyo always change. Both view each other as rivals and worthy foes but Yukimura's allegiance to the party often change. He's once a friend while an enemy the other time.
Ninja who wishes to take revenge on Kyo. She fell in love with him once but she saw Kyo "killing" her dear sister. She swore revenged and trained to be a ninja to kill Kyo. Little she knew that her sister was killed by someone else. Later she partially forgave him and finds the true murderer.
Part of the Shiteisen, Kyo's elite group from the past. He was taken up by Kyo as a war orphan and trained hard to become useful for the group. Akira has an obsession-like respect for Kyo and he though Kyo betrayed Shiteisen 4 years ago. He initially appears to be an enemy of the party but later follows Kyo. His dearest wish is to once defeat Kyo and surpass him in power.
Another member of the Shiteisen. Unlike the others Botenmaru keeps being Kyo's friend from his introduction. He plans to rule all Japan and defeat Kyo but none of those come true. He's theorized to be the 'sheath' of Kyo's sharp blade-like personality but Kyo corrects them. Kyo acts as the 'sheath' for Botenmaru's wild personality lying deep inside.

The oddball of Shiteisen. In his first appearance he reveals he was a spy for the Mibus though he genuinely enjoyed his stay at the group. He wants to kill Kyo by his 'power of loneliness' but Kyo defeats him and corrects Hotaru's mistake. Later he joins the party.

Last introduced member of the Shiteisen. He's cross-dressing as a female and claims to love Kyo. The later is genuinely disgusted by those advances.

The grand rival of Kyo. He and Kyo were great friends once but their relation turned sour all of sudden. Kyoshiro defeated Kyo in combat and sealed his soul inside him while hiding Kyo's original body somewhere else. Kyo wants Kyoshiro dead and reclaim his original body. Kyoshiro's true intentions and reasons left unknown until the very end.


Kyo's benefactor. The creator of his Tenro sword and the one trained Kyo in the art of sword. Kyo views him like his own father. Muramasa's death made Kyo more determined to his goal. 

Former Crimson King:
Kyo's last opponent and the true villain of the story. It was said that the Former Crimson King always took special attention for Kyo. After his deafeat it was revealed that the Former Crimson King entrusted Kyo with killing him in case he turns evil.


Speed: Kyo has unmatchable speed and reactions. He can slash up whole opposing groups in a flash and laugh at bullets. He's progressively getting faster with each battle. At one time he can cut people into red mist while we only see him sheating his sword back. Near the end he fights ligthning-timers and dodges "ligthspeed" slashes with ease.
Red Eyes: Kyo possess the strange Red Eyes. They faintly grow in bloody red color and the source of Kyo's true powers. Near the end we learn his true heritage and Kyo unlocks the even more powerful Shin Red Eyes.
Strength: Kyo shows inhuman strength. His swings can cleave through reinforced weapons and cut people like butter. Later even his normal swings carve huge scars on the ground. One time he cut all the way up to the imposing Red Tower with the air pressure of his swing alone.
Aura: Every fighter in SDK has a distinct aura. Kyo's aura is always noted to be exceptionally strong to the point it can freeze people in fear. The aura always surrounds a fighter's body and shows their fighting spirit. This aura can also manifest as a protective bubble to fend off various attacks and generally protect the wielder from harm. Kyo often extends the protection of his aura like a shield to save his comrades behind him. Other than harmful attacks his aura protected Kyo from over 10000 degrees of heat, mental attacks and petrification amongst others.
Absolute Area: Strong fighters in SDK has the so-called "absolute area" around them. They immediately sense if someone entered their personal space. It prevents possible ambushes and let Kyo sense his opponents by their killing intent alone while fighting blind.
Tenro: Kyo's sword from Muramasa. The blade is 150cm long and said to never break. The sword has an unexplainable evil aura and supernatural power. It's a rare legendary weapon which said to grant great power. Later we learn that Tenro has the soul of the First Crimson King sealed inside. By accessing the memories of the blade("talking" to the sword) Kyo can attain even greater power. Wounds caused by Tenro also heal harder and other Muramasa weapons have shown the ability to hurt spirits. Kyo's various techniques also supposed to come from the use of Tenro. Last but not least the sword can seal Kyo inside to protect him in especially dire situations. Inside Tenro time flows differently and it took 3 whole years for Kyo to escape that space.


The technique sends a weave of razor-sharp winds to cut his foe into many pieces.
Finishing quote: You heard it didn't you...the voice of the wind.
Kyo invokes the illusion of their own death to his opponents. This attack also severs almost every blood vessel inside his foe. They die of internal bleeding.
Finishing Quote: You heard it didn't you...the Red Mirrage.

True Mizuchi:
After finishing his training with Muramasa Kyo can use the true form of Mizuchi. It combines the previous Mizuchi with Shin for an undefeatable attack. On the first use the attack made Kyo's opponent disappear into a red mist of his own blood.
Finishing Quote: You heard it didn't you...the voice of the wind.
The technique summons the undying bird of fire, Suzaku to destroy Kyo's foe. The bird travels at incredible speeds and cannot be truly killed. Even if it's burned or freezed, it still returns. Once Suzaku even broke through an artificial black hole. If the opponent dodge the attack then Suzaku turns back and strikes with even more power. The only way to defeat Suzaku to destroy it completely with a superior attack. The later incarnations are Suzaku getting more and more powerful. Kyo's Suzaku in his original body
Finishing Quote: You felt it too didn't you?... Suzaku's breath.

Kyo calls white tigers made out of wind. Byakko cannot be truly dodged. Even if someone avoids the initial attack the left paw of the white tiger binds them with wind. Byakko then proceed to tear the foe apart with its fangs. Later Kyo can shoot even three Byakkos at once.
Finishing Quote:  Can you feel the claw of the white tiger?

Kyo sets up an invisible barrier of wind looking like a tortoise shell. When someone attacks Kyo, the shell reveals itself. Numerous wind snakes simultaneously bind his foe and seal them "between heaven and earth" created from the illusion of wind layers. Kyo then proceeds for a counterattack.
Finishing Quote: You've been captured by the hand of Genbu.

The technique shoots out several Mizuchi-like wind attacks spiraling out from Kyo's position. The winds attack Kyo's opponent from every direction and create a whirlwind to lift them up in the air. Then Kyo proceeds to finish them off accompanied with the form of a dragon head.
Finishing Quote: Can you feel the anger of the Dragon King?

The technique has two steps. First Kyo calls the Four Gods(Suzaku, Byakko, Genbu, Seiryuu) to attack from the four directions at once. Then the fifth God, Koryuu descends from the heavens in a pillar of light and impacts like a meteor. This is Kyo's best technique and supposedly the strongest attack in the series.
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Katsuyuki Konishi
Dan Green
General Information Edit
Name: Demon Eyes Kyo
Name: 鬼眼の狂
Romanji: Onime no Kyo
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Samurai Deeper Kyo #1
1st anime episode: Samurai Deeper Kyo #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases The Thousand Man Slayer
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Wind Bursts
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