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Demon Card is a anime/manga concept
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Demon Card is a major organization who uses the dark powers of the Dark Bring to bring evil and violence in the world.


Origin of Demon Card
Origin of Demon Card

The Demon Card is an organization who makes their name widely known, so people feel fear and timidness when they hear their name. Demon Card is created when Gale Glory and King Raregroove meet each other to combat the demons on the converging day. The name that Gale proposes, Demon Guard, is changed to Demon Card. They appear in different groups, and all look different, but have the same purpose or goal. Most of Demon Card use Dark Bring as their primary weapons.


Lowest Rank

The lowest rank is that of the henchmen, or the "bullies" of the town. Prime example being those that Haru, Elie, and Plue fight in Episode One.

Miscellaneous Ranks

Dr. Schneider is an assassin hired by Shuda.

Captains or a higher rank

Lance is a general or a captain (not clear in the series) due to his authority over his henchmen and Punk Street. Go will also fit in this category as well.

Five Palace Guardians

The Five Palace Guardians are King's men who attack Haru and his gang during the Tower of Din Arc. King summons them using a Dark Bring, Gate. In the anime, they are introduced in episode 30 and all of them are defeated in episode 33.

  • Ltiangle - his Dark Bring's name is Transparent.
  • Racas - his Dark Bring's name is Rhythm Counter.
  • Rionette - his Dark Bring's name is Shadow Doll.
  • Ron Glace - his Dark Bring's name is Needle Burst/ or Hell Spikes.
  • Let Dahaka - he has no Dark Bring.

Oracion Seis

They are the top six generals who use the Six Star Dark Brings. Even though King uses Overdrive on Demon headquarters, the Oracion Seis survives and takes orders from Lucia Raregroove. Former members are Shuda and Sieg Hart which are replaced by Deep Snow and Haja.

  • Shuda - A former member who uses Barrete Blaze.
  • Reina - A member who uses White Kiss.
  • Jegan - A member who uses Yggdrasil.
  • Sieg Hart - A former member who has no Dark Bring.
  • Berial - A member who uses G-Earth.
  • Julius - A member who uses Armure D'Etoile.
  • Deep Snow - A member who uses Zero Stream.
  • Haja - A member who has no Dark Bring.


King (Gale) Raregroove is the head of Demon Card. After his death during the Tower of Din Arc, his son Lucia Raregroove (who was presumed dead) takes control of Demon Card and the Oracion Seis. Both father and son wield the Decalogue Sword.


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