Demalo Black

Demalo Black is a anime/manga character in the One Piece franchise
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Demalo Black is a pirate who formed a fake versions of the Straw Hat Pirates to try and benefit from their reputation.


Demalo Black takes on the name of Monkey D. Luffy
Demalo Black takes on the name of Monkey D. Luffy

Demalo Black is a pirate who was known as "Three-Tongued Demalo Black" and earned enough infamy to gain a bounty of 26,000,000. After the War of the Best at Marineford, it had spread that the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy, was the son of the Revolutionary leader, Dragon. Luffy and his crew had been missing for two years and presumed dead. Demalo Black used their absence to take on the outlandish reputation and name for his own Straw Hats. Black took on the name of Luffy.


One Piece Vol. 61 JPN (Feb 2011)
One Piece Vol. 61 JPN (Feb 2011)

The character of Demalo Black is an antagonist in the One Piece series that was created by Eiichiro Oda. The series first began serialization in Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 4, 1997. He first appeared briefly at the beginning of the Fish-Man Island Arc that began in Volume 61.

His first appearance was in One Piece Volume 61 CH. 598 "2 Years Later", and his first anime appearance was in One Piece - Episode 517 "The Beginning of The New Chapter! The Straw Hats Reunited!". His character in the Japanese series is voiced by Hiroaki Hirata, and the U.S. dub produced by FUNimation has yet to be announced.

Major Story Arcs

Fish-Man Island Arc

Demalo Black and his Impostor Straw Hats
Demalo Black and his Impostor Straw Hats

Black wanted to form a huge crew to enter the New World, the second half of the Grand Line. Once on Sabaody Archipelago, he sent out flyers calling for pirates with bounties over 70 Million. Everyone believed he was the real Luffy and were drawn by his reputation, and the people were to afraid to retaliate as he boasted of being the son of Dragon. In a short time they had accumulated over 100 new members, including big name rookies such as Caribou and Coribou. While celebrating in a local bar, a long-haired woman refused his invitation to join him for drinks. Going so far as to mock him and not even knowing who he was. His own Fake Nami went to threaten the woman for her insolence, but she was attacked by a long-nosed man with some plant creature that enveloped the rest of them. The two left the bar, and the room suddenly filled with dark clouds and created a lightning storm indoors. Black and the crew stumbled out of the bar, and he ordered those two killed.

Black knocked out by cloaked stranger
Black knocked out by cloaked stranger

Black shot a long-haired woman who was with a long-nosed man on the street, but they weren't the two he was looking for. He then shot her companion for seeming defiant. Everyone was too scared to say a word, but he was knocked off his feet when a small young man carrying a large pack bumped into him. The man apologized and started to leave. Black shouted for the man to stop. He threatened him and shot, but this guy dodged the gun shot. Next thing he knew, he passed out. More people were defying him, and he added that guy to his hit list along with the other two. The Fake Zoro and Drip, the Fake Sanji, returned to tell Black how Cocoa, their Fake Robin, had been captured by World Government agents. They also had the real Straw Hat pet Chopper with them. Black was willing to abandon Cocoa, and the real Chopper ran away from them for being so heartless. He ordered Fake Zoro and Drip to get Chopper back.

Demalo Black's true identity revealed by Sentomaru
Demalo Black's true identity revealed by Sentomaru

Black gathered his crew to the recruitment meeting at Grove 46. He had gathered them to declare the wish to go to the New World and they would die for his sake, but first he was going to send them after the three who humiliated him. Drip and Fake Zoro had returned with the young man with the pack, but the pirate gathering was attacked by the Marines, the Pacifista Army and their commander Sentomaru. When confronted by Saentomaru, Black tried to claim he was Luffy, but Sentomaru bashed him on the head with the flat end of his giant axe. He had met the real Luffy in the past. The PX-5 cyborg outed his identity and real bounty to the hundred pirates that had gathered. Black was bound and captured by the Marines. The pirates he had gathered scattered.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Hiroaki Hirata
General Information Edit
Name: Demalo Black
Name: デマロ・ブラック
Romanji: Demaro Burakku
Gender: Male
1st manga book: One Piece #61
1st anime episode: One Piece #517
1st anime movie:
Aliases Three-Tongued Demalo Black
Fake Luffy
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