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Stepmother's Sin is a hentai anime based upon an erogame. Yusuke haunted by witnessing his mother's unfaithful lust as a young boy and now as a man has sets his eyes on this new step mother, Misako.

Ever since witnessing a primal scene of his mother being unfaithful, Yusuke has developed a hatred of women that he directs in particular at members of his own family. Now divorced, his father is posted to a distant office, leaving Yusuke to live with his new stepmother-to-be Misako and Shiina, her daughter from a previous marriage. Meanwhile, Yusuke is conducting a secret affair with his cousin Mio, but also resolves to humiliate his new stepfamily. Shiina fantasizes about her stepbrother, but is then raped by him in front of her mother, who is so aroused by the incident that she then begs to be taken herself. Traumatized by the experience, Shiina allows herself to fall in with a street gang who end up raping her, too. Somewhat belatedly, Yusuke realizes the errors of his ways and that he actually loves Misako. He seeks her forgiveness, but she tells him that she has learned to love the sadistic sex he has taught her. This revelation causes Yusuke to lose control of his senses (as if he hadn't already!), and he is arrested after attacking a loving couple in the park. The police drag him back to Misako's house, where she is found in the middle of an orgy. She begs Yusuke to give her what she needs, but, in a surprise twist, the anime ends with the death of one of the leading characters. Precisely who is left to the viewer's imagination. LNV

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General Information Edit
Release Date: Jan. 1, 2001
Name: 義母
Romaji: Gibo
Release Date: Oct. 5, 2001
Rating: unrated
Runtime: 30 (mins)
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Aliases Stepmother
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