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Spaceship Agga Ruter is not a movie, but a four Episode OVA. Please Delete.

The evil Shiunk kills Taiyo's parents and leaves him to die in space. Rescued by the kindly android Kei, Taiyo is raised without human companionship for 15 years aboard her ship the Agga Ruter. Kei tells Taiyo to call her "Mother" and instructs him in the arts of love in a succession of Oedipally suspect scenes. When captured by the shrill space pirate Janis (who has been hired by Shiunk to steal the Agga Ruter), the pair prove to be perkily cooperative hostages, volunteering to cook and clean, rummaging in her underwear drawer, and reading out the funny bits from her diary. Janis is a descendant of Re-Formed Humans, ancient members of the Fighter civilization who recombined their DNA to survive on hostile worlds. Though she appears human, she turns into a were-tiger when reminded of abuse at the hands of her circus-ringmaster stepfather. Endowed with superhuman strength and bedroom prowess, Taiyo is the only man who can satisfy her, and the sexually sated Janis agrees to switch sides. The Agga Ruter, itself a Fighter relic (see the similar Sol Bianca), lacks a vital component, which has been mistaken for a precious gem and put on display on the Millennium Mule cruise liner. The gang sneak in to steal it, but Shiunk (now disguised as the Joker with a bad blond wig) has followed them and arranged for their capture by a vicious green-eyed blonde, who is luckily not immune to Taiyo's charms.

A sci-fi porno made by the thinly disguised cast and crew of the Tenchi Muyo! series, whose audience was probably old enough by this point to appreciate the "joke." Even the humor is familiar, with Kei setting up a mock Japanese living room on the bridge of Janis's warship in order to teach her how to be a good wife (sexually available and a great cook). Taiyo is a dead ringer for the older but still passive hero of Tenchi in Tokyo, the Agga Ruter is a ship with all the weird properties of Jurai vessels, and the females are cookie-cutter Tenchi girlies. Compare to Masquerade, which also appears to be reheated leftovers from the franchise. N

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Release Date: Jan. 1, 1998
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