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DELETE is an anime series in the DELETE franchise
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Age Change

When a character changes their age, either growing older or younger, and typically not simply by having time pass but as the result of some power or outside source.


One of Ben's alien monster collection.


Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated on December the 25th where people often exchange presents.


One of Ben's first Alien forms

Forever Knights

A group of knights that fought Ben.


One of Ben's alien forms


Heatblast is one of Ben's aliens


Magic is an often used term in fiction. It is the concept of affecting the universe through supernatural methods and breaking the physical laws.


A undead corpse wrapped in bandages

Time Travel

The ability to travel from one era to another, forward and/or backward.


Warlocks are magic users that a male counterparts to witches

Way Big

Way Big is one of Ben's Aliens

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