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DELETE is an anime series in the DELETE franchise
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Azimuth is the creator of the Omitrix

Cooper Daniels

Cooper is one of Ben's allies and is the grandson of one of Max's plumber friends.

Dr. Animo

Dr. Animo is a villain in the Ben 10 series

Dr. Viktor

Dr. Viktor is one of Zs'skayr's minions and later a brain dead body of a King Xarion.


a forever knight and ex plumber.


A forever knight.

Forever Ninja

The Red knight was Driscoll's bodyguard


The Mummy is one of Zs'skayr's minions


Myaxx is Azmuth's assistant and same species from Vilgax.

Tetrax Shard

also known as Hoverboard is an ally of Ben Tennyson

Verdona Tennyson

Verdona Tennyson is the Anodite wife of max Tennyson and grandmother of Ben and Gwen Tennyson.


Vilgax is the big bad of the Ben 10 franchise and the most recurring villain of the series.


An alien werewolf that worked for Zs'skayr.


Zs'Skaryr is an Ectonurite High lord before he was imprisoned in the omintrix and escaped.

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