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The plight of refugees gets a predictably cute anime makeover, when 150 aliens crash-land just off the coast of Japan. But they're all beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate; actually a slave species à la Chobits, programmed to serve and please and lovingly termed DearS by the smitten population of Japan. If proof was ever needed that anime lives in its own fantasy realm far removed from real-world Japan, these immigrants are welcomed with open arms, granted citizenship, and even counselors to help them fit in-anyone who has been stopped for being Foreign After Dark in Japan will enjoy the irony. That doesn't stop teenager Takeya Ikuhara from thinking the DearS are putting on an act so that the people of Earth will drop their guard. Imagine, then, his surprise when he somehow acquires a pretty, green-haired amnesiac alien girl for a roommate. The alien elects to stay and, much to the annoyance of his landlord's daughter Neneko, soon adopts Takeya as her master in a replay of the unwelcome guest genre typified long ago by Urusei Yatsura. DearS counselor Khi, who knows about the species' secrets, tries to separate the couple like the Almighty in Oh! My Goddess, but after just a month together Takeya wants her to stay with him. Based on on the manga by "Peach Pit," the same collective of former fan artists turned pro whose Rozen Maiden was also animated. DearS began life in the pages of the monthly Dengeki Gao anthology magazine, but seems to have been intended as a multimedia manga, anime, radio drama, and PS2 game from the outset. A bonus "episode 10.5" appeared on one of the later DVDs.

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Name: ディアーズ
Publisher Geneon Entertainment, Inc.
Start Year 2004
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