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DELETE is a franchise comprised of 5 movies, 3 anime series
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An enemy of Charmcaster and is the one responsible for her father's death


a new villain in the Ben 10: ultimate alien series

Alan Albright

is a human Pyronite hybrid and an ally of Ben.


Albedo is a Galvin who wanted to copy the omintrix but becomes the shape of Ben Tennyson and is now an evil twin of Ben.


Andreas is a alien who was captured by aggregor and is the alien that Ben scanned to make Armadrillo.


A con man and former partner of Kevin


Azimuth is the creator of the Omitrix


A Galvan mechmorph and father of Ship


One of the aliens that Aggregor captured.

Captain Nemesis

Real Name Carl Nesmith , is a rich famous super hero but in reality a greed hound.

Colonel Rozum

a character in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Conduit Edwards

A business man and leader of FlameKeepers' Circle a group who worships Diagon.


Connor is considered the greatest of all forever knights

Cooper Daniels

Cooper is one of Ben's allies and is the grandson of one of Max's plumber friends.


Diagon is a Squid like alien creature that took a form of a dragon.

Dr. Animo

Dr. Animo is a villain in the Ben 10 series

Dr. Psychobos

A scientist who works with Malware and Khyber

Dr. Viktor

Dr. Viktor is one of Zs'skayr's minions and later a brain dead body of a King Xarion.


a forever knight and ex plumber.

Elena Validus

a childhood friend of Ben and Gwen.


A forever knight.


A villain in Ben 10 Race Against time and In Ultimate Alien,He is an evil version of Ben.


A prototype version of the Omnitrix called the Unitrix now an artificial human.

Forever Ninja

The Red knight was Driscoll's bodyguard


Galapagus is a Geochoelone Aerio who was captured by Aggregor.

Helen Wheels

One of the plumbers' kids with Human/alien descent

Highbreed Commander

The Highbreed commander is a recurring Highbreed

Jimmy Jones

Ben 10's biggest fan and the one who exposed his secret.

Julie Yamamoto

Julie is the main love interest of Ben


a new Ben 10 Villain

Khyber's Dog

the pet of khyber


The Lucubras are minions of Diagon.


a villain in the Ominverse series

Manny Armstrong

Manny is one the plumber kids with human/alien heritage.

Michael Morningstar

A rogue plumber kid in the Ben 10 series


The Mummy is one of Zs'skayr's minions


Myaxx is Azmuth's assistant and same species from Vilgax.

Octagon Vreedle

The older brother and leader of the Vreedle Brothers.


One of the aliens kidnapped by Aggregor and was a criminal before being capture by him.


A forever knight member with the rank of Forever King.

Pierce Wheels

one of the plumber kids ally to Ben now he is dead.

Professor Paradox

Professor Paradox is a supporting character in The Ben 10 series.


Psyphon is Vilgax's right hand man in Alien force and Ultimate alien.


Ra'ad is the alien that Ben scanned to gain AmPFibian and is one of the aliens that was captured by Aggregor.

Reinrassic III

Reinrassic the III is a Highbreed who befriends Ben.

Rhomboid Vreedle

The younger brother and brawns of the Vreedle brothers.


Ben's new partner in Omniverse


Ship is a Galvanic Mechmorph owned by Julie.


An Arachnichimp con artist

Sir Cyrus

Sir Cyrus is a Forever Knight

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