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I ran a little late for the Del Rey panel, but here are the announcements:
  • Genshiken novel
  • xxxxHOLiC guide book
  • Tsubasa arrt book
  • Night Head Genesis
  • Four-Eyed Prince
  • Only One Wish
  • Kitchen Princess novel

Anad here's one I'm really excited about: an OEL manga from manga uber-expert Jason Thompson titled King of RPGs.  It's a total send-up of traditional manga tropes, and it looks hilarious-- you can catch a sneak peek here.

For you Comic Vine readers: Del Rey's Dallas Middaugh sends out a plea to PLEASE just try out the upcoming X-Men manga. He says that they've really worked to do something new and different from what Marvel has ever done before while staying true to the overall concept, so he wants you to keep an open mind.

The creators of the X-Men manga got up and talked about the story, which revolves entirely around Kitty Pryde: unlike the more egaliitarian X-Men comic book series, the manga X-Men Misfits features has a very definite heroine. Also, Magneto is  based loosely on Project Runway's Tim Gunn-- take that for what you will. (I love Tim Gunn! But it IS a little odd.) The book comes out May 26th.

Mihael asked if Marvel is going to promote the book or not-- Ali says that they are working with Marvel, but it's all very behind the scenes. I asked if Magneto's based on Tim Gunn, are there any other characters we'll recognize from real life? I'm told only two of them: Angel is based on Justin Timberlake, and Pyro...Pyro is Zac Efron. (Kira?!)

Wow. The series is going to be two volumes for now, and mum's the word on how many female characters will appear besides Kitty, who starts out as the only female student at Xavier's academy for the gifted.

Marvel has signed off on all of this, by the way, and they also made only one change to either series-- in Wolverine they insisted that when he took off a bad guy's head, it had to be a monster, not a human. Which when you think about it is kind of funny for Marvel to say, since the X-Men are only debatably 'human' in a way.

The Q&A is getting a bit goofy-- someone just suggested that Del Rey buy TOKYOPOP. Um...                                                                                              
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Sweet list :)
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Genshiken! swee
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What kind of Genshiken novel? Just a novelization of some of the series or new, crazy hijinks from our favorite anime club?
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can you confirm whether its the tsubasa 'artbook' or the 2nd character guide (like ann say it is)??
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Found these at

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MAGNETO: "Make it work, my Brotherhood!"

No. Nuh-uh. I'm just not seeing it.
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