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The Important Stuff:Licenses

- Youkai Navi Runa
- Ravemaster, by Hiro Mashima
- Here I Am, by Ema Toyama
- Arisa, by Natsumi Ando 
If you wanted an update on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Graphic Novel, Tony Lee is doing the writing, missed the artist's name, it's SO gory, and it's going well. <3 

The Write-Up


Del Rey Manga puts on some of my favorite panels, not to mention licenses some of my favorite manga, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what they pull together here! There's a picture of a Del Rey employee with Star Trek's Kirk, Chris Pine, which I'm kinda drooling over a little bit.  
Our favorite monkey, Ali Kokmen (sporting a colorful tie, but not a bow tie!), is presiding over the panel, with Tricia Narwani and Mutsumi Miyazaki, and they're moving straight into the first licensing acquisition: Ema Toyama's Here I Am. Toyama is the creator of Pixie Pop. 
Next up is Youkai Naviruna, by the creator of Mamotte! Lollipop, it's in May 2010. And now they've picked up the manga of Ravemaster, by Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima. Due out September 2010. 
Another manga by an established Del Rey mangaka, Kitchen Princess creator Natsumi Ando's Arisa, about twin sisters separated by their parents' divorce and united as teens. It starts out kinda like the Parent Trap, but rather than a sweet happy ending, one of the sisters tries to kill herself. Eep! 
After a short rant about how the letter "u" is under-loved on Wheel of Fortune, we've moved on to some more info about recent releases like X-Men Misfits and Ninja Girls. 
As for CLAMP in America, a project about CLAMP's history being released in the US but delayed-- they expanded the length to almost twice the original planned size, which makes it take longer (although the price is staying the same, yay!). Due out March 2010 now! There's a sampler at the booth so I'll try to spend some time there and I'll see if I can shoot some video. 
Jason Thompson's King of RPGs will see its first volume in January 2010 and I'm really looking forward to that one. <3 
Aaaaand now we've finally got the visuals! Here I Am looks cute and kinda moe, Yokai Navi Runa I spelled wrong, Rave Master is badass, Arisa...does look less cutesy than Kitchen Princess, so that should be interesting. We're just blitzing through 'em now. Codebreakers looks awesome. 
They're looking at Codebreaker as their next big hit, and I will say that from what I've seen of it in Japanese, it does look pretty cool. 
Aaaaaand now the Q&A.  There was a question about the cake at Del Rey's anniversary, which was celebrated at NYAF's pre-party, and Ali wants more people to go here to see the cake, and its cutting (it was cut with a katana). So go here
Someone asked about Jason Thompson's manga collection-- for the record, he's giving away 5 volumes and possibly 10 per day at Suvudu for a year, so he must have at least 3,650 volumes. I believe he told me once he uses some manga volumes like cinderblocks to boost up his bed-- so that there's more space to store manga under the bed. The man has a LOT of manga, okay? 
Faust 3 hasn't been scheduled yet; Zaregoto volume 2 will come out August 2010-- it was pushed back due to NisiOisiN's style being so difficult to translate. 
Biggest good surprise at Del Rey? Kitchen Princess, which they loved, but didn't expect it to become one of their most popular series ever. They're releasing the Kitchen Princess novel soon too, November. 
Has Del Rey picked up Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad? That would be nice, wouldn't it, says Ali. They're writing it down. I asked if they know their top-selling volume at the moment, which is actually Negima 1, their first volume because it's been around longest, but that's obviously not a fair comparison, so hard to say.   
Since Del Rey Manga is doing so well, will they do anime? (Me: "Don't do it! It's a trap!") They're book people, so it'd be a stretch, but all things are possible. "It's a world of quantum mechanics, anything can happen." 
Aaaand the requisite Kodansha question: yes, they're doing Akira and Ghost in the Shell. They have heard that. That's about it. 
xxxHOLiC and Tsubasa-- extra material in the backs of the books, where does that come from? Translation notes from their translator, Bill Flanagan (not sure if I spelled his name right).
Who is your biggest rival in manga-- Yen, VIZ, Tokyopop? "I vaguely recognize some of those names," Ali jokes, antd then goes on to say that they're friends with the people who are here and he hasn't seen anyone else so they're not really competition! Still joking, of course, and now he's joking that since HE'S giving us Moyashimon face masks, he's not saying that Yen Press wants us to contract a disease. 
Who's Ali's favorite Power Ranger? We're getting silly, if you didn't ontice. One panelist says "didn't one of them kill someone?" and Ali says "yeah, we go with that one. We go with the felon." 
Question on Moyashimon, they're still working on volume two, so they're not worried about the stuff in volume seven (I didn't catch what happens in that volume). Will they be at more conventions? This is their last for '09, but in '10 thehy'll certainly be at NYCC and SDCC, and maybe a few other places. They'll let us know on DelReyManga.com. <3 
Brad from Jtor asks if Del Rey could beat VIZ in a cage match to get the Naruto license? Forgetting the stakes briefly, could they defeat VIZ? In the appropriate decathlon event they'd do fine, but a cagematch, who knows. Who would they field in a cagematch? (associate publisher) Dallas, because he's not here. And David Yuu (associate editor) for a tag-team. 
And having threatened violence, I think we'll close out. If you have a chance to hit up Del Rey's panels, do so. They're fun.

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I'm pretty stoked about Zaregoto 2, as I've become a bit of a NisioisiN fan through Zaregoto 1, his XXXholic story, and Bakemonogatari.
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The announcements seeemed a little lack-luster for Del Rey though-- I wonder if it's related to Kodansha's move into the US market?
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You spelled my name right. Thanks! Check your twitter followers if you ever need to refresh your memory. (^_^) 
Edit: That is, if you're the one who does the twitter updates... (^_^;)
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