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Deep Sea King is the leader of Clan of Seapeople and ruler of the Deep Sea


Very little is revealed about the Deep Sea King's origins. Only that he had been the ruler of the deep sea which he had claimed as his own kingdom.


The Sea King was created by a mangaka who uses the pseudonym "ONE" for his webcomic One-Punch Man in 2009. In 2012, ONE was approached by Yusuke Murata to consider a collaboration between the two, and the One-Punch Man remake was the result. The Deep Sea King is one of the earlier main antagonists.


The Sea King had no true evolution given his prominent yet short presence in the series.


Sea King's physique
Sea King's physique

The Sea King appears as a giant humanoid looking sea monster. He stands around 2-3 times the height of most of the heroes he fought. He has a tremendously muscular physique but no apparent hair. His face looks human-like aside from the serrated teeth and moray tongue-like appendage in his mouth. He also has large ears resembling bat wings that fan out and are about as tall as his whole face. His attire consists only of a black pair of speedos and a King's crown.


The Sea King is a brutal and bloodthirsty monster. He had no intention of sparing the humans of J-City and had no reason to kill them to begin with other than that he wanted to do it. He showed no mercy to his opponents nor did he display any sort of honor in his fighting, and he was willing to kill innocent children standing too close.


The Deep Sea King had no known relevant relationships.

Story Arcs

Sea King Arc

The Sea King had dispatched some subordinates to attack and invade J-City. However they were met by Stinger of the Heroes Association and were defeated. At this, The Sea King went to J-City himself to do the job. He effortlessly defeated Stinger, then was met and challenged by Lightning Max, an A-class hero. The hero attacked but failed to harm the Sea King who sent him hurtling into a building. Lightning Max survived and attacked again but was dealt with in the same manner a second time and was sent crashing into a building, wrecking it and causing it to collapse. He was saved from getting crushed when two more heroes arrive, Puri Puri Prisoner, an A-class hero, and the wild Sonic. Puri Puri Prisoner powers up to half capacity, but was attacked by the Sea King first. However he was not so easily dealt with. He punched the Sea King which sent him flying back for the first time, however the actual harm inflicted was negligible. After powering up to full capacity, Puri Puri Prisoner attacks with a fluffy of blows but they were blocked by the Sea King who responded with a flurry of his own, knocking away Puri Puri Prisoner.

Sonic stepped forward and was immediately rushed by the Sea King, but Sonic dodged the attack easily given his great speed. This happened repeatedly until Sonic kicked the Sea King's chin, causing him to bite off his own Moray-like tongue. The Sea King angered continued to try and crush Sonic. Sonic was a bit overconfident in his speed however and he was nearly crushed by the Sea King. The Sea King revealed that he had dried up in the air but since it had begun raining his full power was returning. After a call so close that Sonic's clothes were ripped from his body, he fled in fear.

Sea King vs Genos
Sea King vs Genos

Now that his four challengers were out of the way, the Sea King proceeded on his way. He found the evacuation center of the city where most of the citizens were staying for protection. He crushed the wall of the center easily, but was quickly met by All-Back Man, a C-class Hero. Knowing he could not defeat the Sea King, All-Back Man pleaded with him. The Sea King was amused but would not be swayed from his bloodthirsty quest. But suddenly 3 more heroes arrived. They were Buzz-Buzz, Jet Nice Guy and Sneck. They did not intend to defeat the Sea King but were attempting to buy time so that the top class heroes would arrive in time to save the city. However all 3 heroes were defeated in a flash. However, even the few seconds they delayed the King allowed S-class Hero Genos to arrive who pummeled the Sea King upon arriving and knocking him away from the shelter.

Genos is defeated
Genos is defeated

An angered Sea King replies in turn by blindsiding Genos and striking his head, damaging it, then ripping Genos' arm off. After seeing that this was a fight that even he might not win, Genos commanded all the civilians to leave the shelter as it was no longer a safe haven. While the Sea King stated that he would not let his prey escape, Genos took the chance to land a kick, but the Sea King blocked it and countered with a punch, damaging Genos's cyborg body further. The two warriors relentlessly attacked one another for some time until a brave young girl stepped forward cheering for Genos. Clearly annoyed, the Sea King spat acid at her. But Genos as a hero could not stand by and he shielded the girl with his body, but this caused him great damage, putting him in a near critical state. The Sea King mercilessly beat Genos further until the latter was no longer able to fight back. The Sea King stood over Genos triumphantly and stated that even though he was foolish to save the child, he was praiseworthy for managing to actually harm him. He prepared to deal the final blow to Genos when he is surprise attacked yet again. Though it had no effect, the Sea King turned to face his new challenger. It was the Hero Licence-less-Rider of the C-class. Rider launched a punch which did nothing, then was picked up by the sea king and flung around like a toy. The Sea King reverts his attention back to the more relevant Genos to make sure to kill him this time, but he was distracted again by the Licence-less-Rider who was back on his feet although in a pathetic state. He stated that even if he could do nothing he would not stop fighting and he punched at the Sea King again and yet again doing absolutely nothing. The Sea King slaps him away, obviously not taking the Rider seriously, but he became angered at the nuisance and finally attacked with some seriousness, hurling the finished Licence-less-Rider into the hands of Saitama, the last hero to arrive.

Sea King defeated in a vibrant display of power
Sea King defeated in a vibrant display of power

No longer having much patience and being insulted at Saitama turning his back to him, the Sea King struck the back of Saitama's head, only to find that the hero had not budged. The Sea King complimented Saitama on his sturdiness, but Saitama returned the compliment with an insult, stating that the King's punch was too weak. Infuriated, the Sea King launches a punch with all his might, but it never landed as Saitama launched his own punch, blasting a gaping hole in the Sea King's body and wrecking everything behind him. Finally, the Sea King fell to the ground, defeated at last.

Powers & Abilities

All of the Sea King's special abilities lied in his incredibly powerful body.

Immense Strength:

Sea King was powerful enough to punch people into buildings and cause said buildings to collapse on impact.

Enhanced Speed:

Once he was no longer dehydrated, Sea King could match Speed of Sound Sonic and Genos in motion speed.

Immense durability:

The Sea King endured immense punishment at the hands of seven different heroes until the arrival of Saitama. He survived strikes on par with his own and


To some extent, the Sea King could rapidly regenerate damage to his body. Despite Genos being nearly as strong and inflicting heavy damage, once Genos was defeated, all the damage he had inflicted upon the Sea King healed in moments. It was not powerful enough however to recover from a punch from Saitama.

Aquatic Sustainability:

The Sea King could not only survive in the atmosphere but in the deep sea as well. In fact he is stronger when immersed in water.

Acid Spit:

The Sea King was capable of projecting acid in the form of spit. It was potent enough to damage Genos' enhanced cybernetic body near instantaneously.

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Gender: Male
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