deep blue

deep blue is an anime episode of Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean that was released on 04/12/2012

Eureka Seven AO Ep. 1

Born Slippy (deep blue) - ボーン・スリッピー (Bōn Surippī)

(Musical Reference: Born Slippy by Underworld)

In the year 2025, Ao Fukai is a foreigner living on Okinawa ten years after his mother disappeared. Despite not being accepted by most people, he continues to move forward. One day though, his peaceful island comes under attack by an alien life force as it is put on his shoulders to help save the world as his parents may have some time ago.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme: Escape by Hemenway

Ending Theme: Stand by Me by Stereopony

Naru accidentally insults Ao
Naru accidentally insults Ao

The year is 2025 as two men look upon the ruins of Tokyo as they wonder why things are going sour all of a sudden. They realize its pointless to count the number dead as one of the men comments on how it is human nature to keep moving forward. The other man wonders if the girl with turquoise hair will show up once more to help save humanity again. As they plan to head back to their headquarters, Ao Fukai is traveling from island to island around Okinawa in his flying car, referred to as an FP. As he walks around, he gets a call from his friend Naru Arata who needs his help with something. She states that she has had a premonition about something coming and wants to help her friend Noah, pointing out that she doesn't know if its a good or bad change. As Ao helps her look for Noah, she passes a comment that Ao should be willing to help him since they both have no families; a fact that Ao glares at Naru for. They find Noah, a sloth, as Ao has to run another errand.

Approaching the island are a group of men led by Gazelle in their own FP's as he states that their current job is a lucrative deal from the Japanese Army in exchange for protection. As they fly over Okinawa, Gazelle's vehicle overheats as he's forced to take a crash landing and almost hitting Ao. The two get in an argument as Pippo goes to break it up while Han Juno tries to see what when wrong with Gazelle's FP. Pippo accidentally reveals that they are working for the Army as he drops a briefcase containing merchandise including a bracelet that Ao takes. Gazelle realizes that Ao is the adopted child of Dr. Toshiko Fukai and wonders where he's going to as the FP reacts, causing a massive Seventh Swell to occur on the beach as Pippo advises Ao to run. As the men watch on the beach as Scub Coral begins to form, Ao tends to Naru who has passed out from her illness as he sees a monster descend from the skies. Ao and Naru wonder whats going on as Gazelle and his group leave to make their deadline. While in space, the man from earlier is called to see the spectacle of the Scub Coral as the Pied Piper group plans on mobilizing to take care of the problem on Earth.

Double Rainbow man would be proud
Double Rainbow man would be proud

As Ao goes home, he sees how the whole island is in an uproar as Toshiko scolds Ao for being late and that he should get ready for his first day of school. Ao states he shouldn't go to school and vouches to help at the hospital as Toshiko states that he is his guardian and will care for him. Ao laments about the changes in his life as he talks to Naru over the phone. He knows he can't go over to her house since her father hates him for being a foreigner. He accidentally makes Naru mad as he vows to give her the bracelet tomorrow. Gazelle and his group make the delivery but they point out that there is one item missing from the case. Remembering the crash, they head back to Okinawa so they can get paid. Sicne there is a crater from the coral, finding the bracelet is impossible as Pippo remembers Ao and points out that he may have it. The next day, two Seventh Swells happen at once as Scub Coral forms in the middle of the island. The monster, identified as a G-Monster, begins to attack the island.

In space, the Pied Piper group is about to attack as their leader laments about having to endanger the children pilots as well as the children in Okinawa as the island is attacked viciously. Ao runs to check on Naru but finds her house destroyed. He curses the monster as the bracelet glows. He wonders what it means as he sees the name "Eureka" on its claps as well as his own name. He then flashes back to a memory of his mother leaving him as he cries. Gazelle finally finds him as they fight over the bracelet. Ao declares that while he doesn't know its purpose, he won't give it up so easily.

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Tomoki Kyoda Director The Director of Eureka Seven and RahXephon.
Kazuo Nagai Art Director


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