One Piece #41 - Declaration of War

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 04/04/2006

Plot Summary

One Piece - Vol. 41

Declaration of War - 宣戦布告 (Sensen Fukoku)


Chapter 389. Respond.....Pg.

応答 (Ōtō)

Chapter 390. Return Fire.....Pg.

応戦 (Ōsen)

Chapter 391. The Girl Called "Devil".....Pg.

悪魔と呼ばれた少女 (Akuma to Yobareta Shōjo)

Chapter 392. Dereshi.....Pg.

デレシ (Dereshi)

Chapter 393. Olvia.....Pg.

オルビア (Orubia)

Chapter 394. Demons of Ohara.....Pg.

オハラの悪魔達 (Ohara no Akuma-tachi)

Chapter 395. Ohara VS the World Government.....Pg.

オハラVS世界政府 (Ohara vs Sekai Seifu)

Chapter 396. Saul.....Pg.

サウロ (Sauro)

Chapter 397. In Order to Reach the Future.....Pg.

未来へ届くように (Mirai-e Todoku youni)

Chapter 398. Declaration of War.....Pg.

宣戦布告 (Sensen Fukoku)

Chapter 399. Jump into the Waterfall!!.....Pg.

滝に向かって飛べ!! (Taki ni Mukatte Tobe!!)

Moves This Volume

CharacterTechnique Name
FrankyCoup de Boo
Weapons Left
Tony Tony ChopperStrong Point
KakuShave (Soru)
Rob LucciShave (Soru)
Moon Walk (Geppo)
JabraShave (Soru)
Moon Walk (Geppo)
KalifaShave (Soru)
Moon Walk (Geppo)
FukuroShave (Soru)
Moon Walk (Geppo)
KumadoriShave (Soru)
Moon Walk (Geppo)
Roronoa ZoroSantoryu - Dragon Twister
OImoOimo Press
Captain HinaLock
KuzanIce Block Partisan
Ice Time Capsule
UsoppSpecial Attack - Firebird Star
PauliePipe Hitch Knives
ZambaiDismantle Slice
FrankyFresh Fire

Points of Interest

  • The story of the former Baroque Works members is continued in this volume's splash pages. Fullbody and Jango appear in this story.
  • The story of Nico Robin's past is revealed in this volume, but it's never explained when she found the Bloom-Bloom Fruit that gave her the powers.
  • Robin's mother is revealed in this volume, but the identity of her father is never given.
  • An astrological model of the One Piece world is revealed in the Ohara on Chapter 392.
  • One of the CP-9 member with glasses in the Ohara flashback is the father of Kalifa.
  • This volume is the earliest appearance of Akainu.
  • Chapter 398 has one of the most iconic moments of the One Piece series.


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