DEATH PARADE #1 -- Special Review

Topic started by No_name_here on Sept. 15, 2010. Last post by Kino88 1 month, 1 week ago.
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If MUSHI-SHI seemed like THE TWILIGHT ZONE at times, then this totally makes me think of Rod Serling’s groovier, later-era anthology series, THE NIGHT GALLERY. I imagine each episode will see this mysterious bartender arbitrating a new ironic punishment/challenge between two members of the recently deceased. Skeletons will be pulled out of the closet, grievances will be aired, hatchets will be buried, and so on. Am I getting warm with that assessment?

Again, much like MUSHI-SHI, you can already see the morality play formula will play out from week to week.

Not that I’d fault it for that, actually. This is much more theatrical than your usual anime. You could easily see the exact same script getting played out in a black box theater without anything crucial being lost. One location (basically). A minimal number of props. And plenty of breathing room for the lead actors to chew the scenery.

Again, I’m not totally sure how this wound up on some many lists of most anticipated releases this season. Is there some bigger franchise this is springing out of? Is it based on a line of popular dart boards? It honestly seems like it could be a spin-off of BLACK BUTLER. I see it being a little too formulaic to write up from week to week, but it’s a good and atmospherically macabre change from the usual.

And at least, unlike ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM, it’s actually… you know… good.

Watch this pilot and decide for yourself.

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It a very intriguing show and from what I heard it'll do more than the punishment/challenge between two members of the recently deceased. We haven't had a show talk about death for a while so it nice to see one having it own twist on it.

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The movie this is based on is Death Billiards. It can be found on You tube an around the net. It looks like its gonna play that Soul vs Soul gene but it seems its gonna have some back ground on the workers in the trial bar.

An yup Twilight zone anime fits it well. Tho if the sub plot with the workers has some meat it may be worth a watch an learn.

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This pilot was probably the best one next to Tokyo Ghoul Root A for me. It just hit me unexpectedly and made you feel excruciatingly uncomfortable. Haven't seen Mushi-Shi yet. It might have a monster of the week type formula. I won't be bother by it if it's entertaining.


Moved to Death Parade.

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I thought this was actually one of better Pilots I've seen in a while, very creepy and the presentation is really beautiful, I could definitely go for more of this, It certainly makes for good late night viewing,
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