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Death Note is an anime series in the Death Note franchise
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Why I like Death Note Reviewed by MrASSH0LE on June 12, 2011. MrASSH0LE has written 5 reviews. His/her last review was for Akira. 10 out of 19 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 3 users found this review helpful.
As an otaku, I have never really tought I had a "genre" per say.I love anime like  Monster which is basically a great psychological drama and yet I am a big fan of the Naruto Shippuden serie which is a shounen. If you have seen the title  and if you have an IQ that is above 80 you can deduce this is a positive review of the anime Death Note. I will break down this review into 2 aspects . Those aspects are the characters and the plot


  One of the great  things about this anime is the cat and mouse game between L and Kira.
And how the "good guy" is this creepy looking kid and the "bad guy" a person who looks like a role-model. Light Yagami has some  great character development ,he goes from this kid that wants to make the world a better place to this megalomaniac  sociopath who kills everybody who stands in his way. The show makes a good job testing the viewer's loyalty to Kira by always making his actions a tad more devious and malevolent .He starts out killing criminals then he kills Lind L Taylor  out of anger , then he kills a cop and next thing you know he kills his own father .However,if there is a bad  point in his development  is that is fall to darkness  is too quick ,what I would have done is have him go up against criminal organisations before going up against L to put emphasis on his good intentions  before going up against L and it would have made Light's final moments with him going mad much more interresting and poweful(not that it wasn't already a very poweful moment).It is always fun to see how much a character  has changed over the course of a serie  .Speaking of the devil !L is also a great character due to several things,his mannerism,his intelligence and his funniness.However, I would say he seems to lack in character development which is not neccessarily a bad thing as you see the character  evolve differently  as he gets progressively closer(litterally) to his nemesis. One thing I did not like was Near and Mello being used to replace L.While I am of the few poeples who liked Near and thought Mello was kind of a badass and could have gotten his own-spinoff.I think it was totally moronic to kill L to bring them in . I mean I understand Mello being introduced because he was different and could have created a different dynamic then then the one L  and Light had but Near was just a clone of L.There is absolutely no logic in killing of a character if he is just going to get replaced by one who is exactly the same.And it also made the whole cat and mo
 Light vs Near
 Light vs Near
use game of L and Kira feel cheap  it made their whole battle feel like just another "arc". 


The premise of Death Note is most certainly original.And as I said the show does a very good job making you question if you should root for the main character or actually side with the antagonist.One time me and my friend were sitting at a McDonald's talking about anime and he asked me which of them(L and Light) was I siding with ,I simply answered  "I don't know". That shows you how good the s
 Light holding one of the most powerful weapons in fiction
 Light holding one of the most powerful weapons in fiction
how was  at making two characters that are appealing.The show also made a good job making every scene and plot -twist dramactic.Which is one of the reasons I think the Live -action movies failed as they were not able to capture the emotion and anime is able to.However, if there is one thing about the anime I thought was bad  it was the pacing.As I said Light's decadence could have taken longer as it for reasons stated above .
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