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Death Note is an anime series in the Death Note franchise
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Why Death Note is Poor Reviewed by DCypher on Jan. 28, 2012. DCypher has written 4 reviews. His/her last review was for Ichigo 100% Original DVD Animation. 1 out of 4 users recommend his reviews. 0 out of 2 users found this review helpful.


I got the Death note anime for Christmas last year, I had seen some of it before, I knew what was coming and I wasn't shocked. Mild disappointment flooded my eyes and ears for about 8 hours and I turned off feeling mildly satisfied.

Let me start by saying what I feel is the correct way to 'ingest' Death Note. Read the manga until L dies, then stop. Then watch the anime from there. If you ever feel like its not special anymore, watch the movie and you'll instantly hate it forever.

That being said, this is an anime review.

The animation is nice enough, the intro music (1 and 2) are both really good and the videas are fun to watch and replayable. I don't think any of the characters are badly drawn or misrepresented, in any large way and it stays very true to the manga as much as it can.

However I think its a good example of how an anime can miss the point of a story by being too linear in its conception, I know that sounds fancy .. yay .. I just mean when it feels like its literally just ported from page to screen, it doesn't always work.

For me Death Note was so edgy and involving that I was running out to buy the new volumes as soon as I could (which was years later, in the UK) then reading them cover to cover. What the anime loses, in my opinion, is the edginess of the whole way Ohba builds up to the reveals. You don't actually have a clue whats coming, or I didn't when reading and somehow the anime rattles on so fast that you lose the emotion even though its pretty much paced the same as the comic.

Given the opportunity to adapt it myself I'd add a lot more mystery to the start, like in the pilot, make the whole explanation and Lights first games with L a lot longer and more drawn out. Explore the Police Squad more for instance and Sayu's character. Whatever it takes to draw it out to those pivotal moments like finding the bugs in his Bedroom, I don't want to spoil here too much btw.

So to my point, it does however do what the manga failed to do and survive the loss of its main protagonist. Somehow if you can drag yourself through the woeful adaptation of the love triangle that just totally takes apart Mogis character, you get some awesome explosives gangster and godmod moments with the obvious twins. Ultimately then it takes you to an end which really does live more on screen. Lights death all seemed drawn out in the manga. So as I say, its not without merit.

Thats why it gets two and a half, as an adaptation of a timeless story I think its processed and I end up treading around the fact it irriates me because people love this product. The later movies prove they rushed it into a sort of stretched out montage, which to me, is a fail.

Live action version of the pilot though .. hmm ...

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