Would the series have been better if... (SPOILER ALERT)

Topic started by Dream on June 5, 2010. Last post by Kobra678 10 months, 3 weeks ago.
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Some folks have been critical of the final third of the series when Near and Mello appear with folks believing that they lacked the intrigue of L in his cat-and-mouse game with Light and that it was a big cop-out just to set up Light's downfall. So let ask this question, what if the series ended when Light had won against L? Would the series have been better to end at that point by having a villain win the cat-and-mouse game?
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mmm i will feel inadequate without a resolution and rather weird, do they just give up after sending L?
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@cfatalis:  The resolution in question being Light wins the whole cat-and-mouse game which was the core focus of the first two-thirds of the series. With L out of the picture, the series becomes less intriguing with Mello and Near because they are working off what L discovered and makes the series feel typical because you actually knew what direction the series would be going whereas Light and L going off each other made things unpredictable enough making one wonder who would win in the end.
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The series is perfect the way it is because if Light would have won it would be the "Oh, the villain won and the world was destroyed, ok moving on.." After watching all of that and having to use my brain to get through the series (You got to admit, the series is quite witty) I would prefer a more happy ending. Sounds Cliche, right? Well, the way the Anime ends isn't all peachy either, as it is. 
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Well this is an interesting quesiton but what would really become of the series after that? Who would even try to stop him anymore since everyone left in the world would consider him a good god of judgement? 
Post by Dream (7,456 posts) See mini bio Level 20
@mrmanga: Downer ending, perhaps. Anime and manga are no strangers to making endings where the hero fails in the end, particularly with titles like Gilgamesh, Narutaru and Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade.
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No, it wouldn't for me

I dislike Light so much, I wanted to see him lock up for good

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@Dream: You have a point there. They could just make a crappy: Light continued his work as Kira and blah blah blah The End :D.  
That kind of ending. coughcough Soul Eater cough cough.
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I actually was rooting for Light to win. I didn't really care much for L.

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