Watch & Learn: Death Note Episode #37

Topic started by No_name_here on July 1, 2010. Last post by JonathanMoore 4 years, 3 months ago.
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@RockmanBionics: Actually, L's real name does exist. A "13th" volume of Deathnote was published both in America and Japan, and essentially is just a guide to the series. Inside, you learn his real name. I'm not going to spoil it for you, but you can find it on this very site.
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I've liked Light the whole way through and cheered him on. There are some things I disagree with but his original idea of a(n) evil/crime free world is great and his use of the Death Note to reach that goal was on target (mostly).
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@AgentJ: Well that's really lame then.
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I love how Matsuda is the one to shoot Light a bunch of times.
He may be a bit clueless but god damn it he knows to shoot a bitch when the chips are down.
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Light should have known that Karma is a massive bitch.
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Oh, man. I can not express how much I regret missing out on this article when it was first posted. I was really looking forward to this finale article. Wouldn't know know on Thursday as I was doing some prep work and research for a new article that I am working on. My computer was infected by an extremely potent computer virus. Luckily, I was able to get my computer running again.
I've been stressing out all this weekend.
I got such a kick out of this episode. I adored that deer in a headlights look Light had from the start. Light really showed his cowardly colors in this one. Did you notice how he flinched and cried the moment those handcuffs touched his wrist. He was terrified of actually having to face real justice for his acts of murder. 
Near really had his number. He was no god. He was just a simple serial killer who mistook himself as a god
Even to the very end. Light was a child. The first chance he got he ran away. Notice how as he was squirming on the filth of the warehouse he was calling out for the two women he either abused or murdered?
You brought up an excellent point. I had never considered that Ryuk had written Misa's name down. There is no proof that he did, but it's a very interesting idea.. It's still plausible.
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Just watched the whole series, got it for Christmas. It's fucking fantastic. By far the best Anime I have seen in my life.
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