Watch & Learn: Death Note Episode #27

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 All along, this guy's been the true hero.
 All along, this guy's been the true hero.

Ha! I don’t think Chief Yagami has a problem with his daughter marrying cops; he just doesn’t want her with a dummy like Matsuda! Even if he’s got a decent hair cut now that he’s older. Actually, out of all the changes these characters have undergone after this time jump, Aizawa’s new designer stubble has to be the most shocking. Forget gods of deaths… that look coming back in style has to be the biggest suspension of disbelief in this show.

So the junior detectives actually do come from an institute for L’s - - just as I deduced! My detective skills are so sharp. The amount of identity inversions following L’s death are getting quite crazy. Not only do we have an impostor L, we also get a young L and an evil L. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before a female L (Elle?) shows up. I like how each one’s got his own tick. L plays with his lip, Mello chomps on chocolate and  Near twirls his hair compulsively (just like I do!) 

And, as if things weren’t crazy enough, super-star John McEnroe makes a guest appearance on DEATH NOTE! I suppose the creators of this show must really love tennis, because dropping his name wouldn't exactly a timely reference in 2007, either. I refuse to accept that it’s only a code name. I’ll only believe that this world's John McEnroe got bored in retirement and decided to work for the FBI, and the climax of this series will be decided in a doubles-match where he teams up with Near against Light and Mello.

C’mon… this has been hinted at since that tennis match in episode #10!

Coming back to Earth... with the amount of code names and secret communications, this is starting to seem more like an espionage show than a horror show. It’s like a cold war between these L and Kira umbrella identities, with different opposing players in each faction. But it's looking like this is going to be a three-front war, as Mello's opposing both Near AND Light.

You can watch this episode, “Abduction,” for yourself on Hulu here, and read my comments about the previous episode here.

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As much as I prefer L over pretty much anyone else on the show, Mello was actually kinda awesome. The way he went about accomplishing goals was very different from everyone else on the show. Also, a climactic finish via tennis would be awesome.
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One of my habits is that I tend to sit in a chair like L. Only when at my computer. I did that long before I started watching this series.
I never saw this as a horror series. I looked at it more as a suspense/thriller series.

Near has another tick that isn't quite as obvious just yet. It's not a spoiler, but he constantly plays with toys and is almost always sitting on the floor.
Watching these new young detectives you are going to get a better understanding of how middle of the road L was. That there were a lot of things he could of done, but refused to do.
Part of me would like to see what a female L would look like. lol
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You considered Death Note to be horror? I always thought of it only as a phychological thriller/suspense. The interaction between L and Light was the main focus of the show, not necessarily the dark themes.
That's a good one with the Elle joke. Woulda been funny if that was one of the new characters.
I also wish that Light would have got a quirk like the other characters. I guess that devilish smirk of his could be his quirk
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@Gasero: Light's quirk is rejecting a hot anime girl like Misa.
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@Gasero:  Maybe not strictly horror, but I'd definitely use horror as an adjective when describing the genre. Don't you remember my whole screed about Kira being a monster for the internet age?
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@AnimeAlex said:
" @Gasero: Light's quirk is rejecting an idiot girl like Misa. "
I went ahead and fixed that quote for you (if the only thing a girl has is looks then I am not interested. I'm with Light on that one).
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@BigChief: I'm not a big fan of the voice actor they got for him.
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@FoxxFireArt:  You must be pretty flexible. I'm trying to sit like that,now, and I can't do it for more than a few seconds.
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Well, I do yoga.
I'm also kinda' weird. lol
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Has misa had her ending song yet...what are you going to do...or something.  She pulled off the gothic lolita look in that part incredibly well.  I find her hot do but not marry (as yes she is an idiot).  Cold war is a good description of how things stand currently.  It definitly does get hot again before the end though.  Looking forward to your continued comments.  After this you should try when they cry to totally blow your mind ;).
And I never thought of it as horror since L is human, for me to be horror it has to be somewhat supernatural.  Now suspense or psycological horror maybe but it isn't jason (thank god).
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@zaldar: Don't recall the ending song. Was it when she entertaining the guests? I remember you bringing up?
You don't DEATH NOTE is supernatural? How do you describe the shinigami?
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You have L. Now you have N. If Mello got into the game then he would be M. LMN; like the alphabet. Tom you missed saying that LIght is also against Near and Mello. I don't find it surprising but obviously Light would do nothing to hurt his family and by not doing so makes him and his father prime suspects for being Kira. Near and Mello may not like each other but their different methods to conducting an investigation work.

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