Watch & Learn: Death Note Episode #24

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Please, be mindful of spoiler. Tom Pinchuk is new to the series and does read the comments. Also, some other people may be new to the series.
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@FoxxFireArt: The battered wife analogy doesn't hold any water for me.  Misa situation isn't that of a typical battered wife.  Her situation is more like this: 
Jane sees Paul beating up his girlfriend (Misa knowing exactly what type of person Light is).  Jane says to herself, "Oh my god, this is totally a guy I want to go out with.  He's so dreamy."  Jane walks up to Paul and asks him out on a date.  Paul rejects her flatly and tells her to get away from him.  Jane then says, "Please, we have to start dating.  I'll let you beat me up (Misa's desire to be used as a tool), I'll tell my family not to press charges if you kill me (Misa telling Light that it's ok if he kills her at any time) and i'll even give you a priceless artifact (Misa giving Light her Death Note).  I'll do all of that if you just go out with me, please."  Paul then decides to go out with her. 
That's not battered wife syndrome and it's not Paul/Light conning Jane/Misa.
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That isn't a spoiler they said it at the begining when he and misa were in their room. I'm new to the series as well so im on the same episode as them which makes it impossible for me to spoil it
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