Watch & Learn: Death Note Episode #20

Topic started by No_name_here on June 15, 2010. Last post by Kyle 4 years, 9 months ago.
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@Tom_Pinchuk: Don't get me wrong, its a great series. Its just certainevents that transpire really made me step away from it. And when the word bad is used, its not in the "this is so stupid, lets do something else" its more of a "I can't believe this has happened" bad. Its a good feeling but at the same time it hinders you.
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@metalninja7 said:
" @Kyle said:
" You have a weird view of what constitutes Emo. and Nu Metal. That's clearly Black Metal. And why wouldn't Japan have metal? It's an entire country. It has all genre of music. "
Are you drunk?  In what fucking way are Maximum The Hormone Black Metal?   They are not Norwegian.  They never burned down a church.  They are not Norwegian.  They  have a female band member, and real black metal artists have no regard for women (DON'T YOU DARE FUCKING CRADLE OF FILTH ME, FAIL, SMACK!!!!).  They are not Norwegian.  Then I can get into the fact that their album's trademark funk-groove has more in common with Red Hot Chili Peppers than it does Gorgoroth.  DID I MENTION THEY ARE NOT NORWEGIAN?!Yeah, hate to make you look like a chump in front of your friends but you brought it on yourself.  Grab a napkin hommie, you got served.  \m/ "
Yeah, no.
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