Watch & Learn: Death Note Episode #19

Topic started by No_name_here on June 13, 2010. Last post by HollowRei 4 years, 9 months ago.
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If I remember this episode right, this was the second episode in which a situation is brought to ahead by a 2nd string character.  The other episode (not to say she was a 2nd tier character) was Misa showing up to meet Light at school.   Always kind of jarred by these two episodes.  Light and L being the brilliant master-minds they are, it's aggravating when their knuckle-dragging supporting cast messes with the plan, even when it works.  The plan keeps you centered, to know there was always an order to how it was supposed to be.
I seem to remember a pale-faced jester pontificating upon the subject.  If tomorrow, a gang-banger got shot, no one would care because it's all part of "the plan"........... 
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@ZachTheAnimeGeek said:
" I like stopped watching after this episode because it just got really boring. It was so interesting when he was kira but now its just... bleh "
So, the fact that the series is only at the half way point wasn't a hint that Light might possible get it all back at some point?

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What are you nuts!?!? Keep watching! Comment counts be damned!
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@kingclaw:  Thanks! I'm glad those previews in the footer have been getting people's attention. Keep reading and commenting! No worries about English - - mine isn't even that great sometimes...
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@Liminality:  I actually just watched that on Monday. Expect some review about it soon.
I might also be putting an interview with the lead voice actor, here.
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Well im gonna keep up on here and when they get to where i was i guess ill start watching again :P.  U have influenced me lol hope ur happy
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I see you are finally entering the part where Death Note slowly starts to fall apart...I am sorry
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