Watch & Learn: Death Note Episode #15

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    Look at 'em. One big happy family.
 Look at 'em. One big happy family.

Whoa whoa whoa…

I think L’s crossing some lines of his own here with Misa’s incarceration in this episode. I’m sure the task force’s gotten special privileges for this investigation, but this some serious marshal law, nigh-Guantanamo Bay, police state stuff. They’ve arrested this girl, a celebrity, on just the suspicion of her being Kira and almost immediately blind-folded her, tied her up from head to toe and thrown her into a cell with some harsh interrogation lights.  

Then again, they’re probably pretty damn sure she’s involved with those second Kira terrorist tapes on account of some DNA matches with the hairs she left on them. Oooooooh… too sloppy girl! Wearing a black wig in the coffee shop isn’t going to mean much if you aren’t wearing a hairnet while sending out those taped threats.

Heh… what a mix of emotions in that interrogation scene. You’re pitying this cute goth girl for getting into this situation and for being played by Light… and you forget that she’s been killing cops this whole time! I suppose you can get away with anything if you have a pretty face, right? What a concept, though.   A super-model serial killer. Imagine if Adrienna Lima showed up on CNN one morning for coming under investigation from the FBI for something like this. It’d make Patty Hearst’s time with the SLA look tame.

People are rooting for Light, but I was definitely rooting for L here, even if his methods got extreme. He’s so close to getting a heart attack courtesy of Light’s Death Note and he outsmarts him right there with some patently obvious slight-of-hand and misdirection, all the while telling him exactly what he’s thinking. That scene where he sees Misa’s hair getting tossed by her invisible Shinigami was pretty creepy. I’m pretty sure he’s starting to figure out what it all means, though.

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The whole interrogation scenes are intense. Some forward thinking must be done. Even with the deeper you get into Death Note you won't stop being surprised by what happens next.

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Reason why i like DN so much, it will shock and twist you around over and over again and just when you think it's done playing you it gives you an even bigger plot twist.
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One correction. You are always arresting someone on suspicion of guilt. It's the courts that decide guilt. As you said yourself. He goes on to explain the reason why. It was due to evidence found on packages from the second Kira that matched air and fabric samples from her home.
Of course they are going to blindfold her and tie her up. At this point, L and the police have no idea how Kira kills. They just know that is somehow involves sight for some reason and knowing the person's name. 
I for one, never forgot she was killing police.
This episode has one of my favorite scenes. Where L lifted Misa's phone. Light tries calling it to think he finally has L, but turns around and L is holding her cell phone.
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I never felt sorry for Misa. She was a psychopathic idiot. I really dislike her because of her idiocy though. When she was arrested there was evidence to warrant it. Now the part about putting her in a isolated cell and blindfolding, while for protection, is over the line for police work. L is dealing with some dangerous top secret FBI work here, so I can understand that.
One of the best parts about the show is how L has little clue as to how supernatural this situation is. Sure, someone that can kill from a distance is supernatural enough, but Death Gods? That's absurd. But L manages to keep up with Light.
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@FoxxFireArt:  Yeah, that was a genuinely surprising moment, made that much more fun when a flustered Light tries his OTHER cell phone only for it not to work.
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@Gasero: I think the tragic part is that L's really been right this whole time and he's SO close to taking Light down, but he just doesn't have the proof.
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