Watch & Learn: Death Note Episode #14

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 What's this creature's name again? He/she going to bite it for love... I know it.
 What's this creature's name again? He/she going to bite it for love... I know it.

Sheesh…   you know Light’s got to have his choice of just about any girl when he’s treating Misa like some ugly duckling his sister’s trying to push on him. If a famous model showed up at my door in a tight black corset and said she’d do anything for me, even begged me to tell her what to do, I don’t think I’d be rolling my eyes. But that’s not really the issue here, is it? What’s more pressing is that her recklessness is putting Light’s careful, meticulous master plan in jeopardy.  I’m sure he’ll want to start saying, “Don’t try this at home, kids,” in any public statements after this. Nothing ruins a pro's game more than amateur copycats.

I’m sensing some commentary on celebrity culture here (in addition to the internet, as I went into so much detail about before) though this isn’t the usual criticism of paparazzi.  The fact that Misa, a celebrity, is the one stalking Light really puts the usual scenario on its head. 99% of the time, the stalker's some maladjusted fan, not a famous beauty who’s always got a photo shoot scheduled and who can’t go out in public without getting mobbed. This kind gets back to what I was saying about the Shinigami inverting so many standards of human reality.

Speaking of Shinigami, I like how Misa’s one (I forget his/her name) is basically a grim Jiminy Cricket. He/she knows that Light’s just playing with her emotions (as if he couldn’t be even more of a bastard) and just when he thinks he’s tricked him/her into a bind, he/she cuts the crap and lets Light know just where he stands in this relationship of power. That’s certainly a different style than Ryuk’s. I’d be curious to see how much variety of personalities there are in the rest of the Shinigami. I’m sure we will eventually - - those designs in the opener are just too good to leave there.

And, oh man, I hope they don’t kill L. They’re pretty damn close, now - - closer than they’ve ever been.

You can check out this episode, "Friend", on Hulu here and read my comments on the previous episode here.

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first off, the shinigami is a she, and her name is Rem
second off, wait till you see how L strikes first
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" If a famous model showed up at my door in a tight black corset and said she’d do anything for me, even begged me to tell her what to do, I don’t think I’d be rolling my eyes.
I could write a 50 page article about how stuff like this in anime makes me want to punch a brick, no matter how many times I see it.
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Yeah, they pretty well telegraphed the whole self sacrifice. We finally see Light come against someone who is not only willing to give up their life, but in a power position to really take Light's.
I would think that Misa would cause nothing but trouble for Light. She's one huge spotlight on him, when he's trying to blend in. She raises too many questions. Why is she interested in this guy who never seems interested in celebrity, where did they meet to begin with, and why is she so dedicated to him? If you can connect that the murder of her parents were killed by Kira. You don't need the Kevin Bacon game to start making the connections.
There is also the knowledge that there are two Kira and they were going to meet at the same time Light and Misa are meeting.
I doubt L would have a hard time connecting the murder of Misa's parents and the fate of the main suspect.
I almost understand Rem's position. Here this Shinigami is that honestly cares for this girl, but she only has eyes for an A-hole. I know a lot of girls who date real jerks and they are so head over heels for them.
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Im pretty sure rem is a dude. He's like basically in love with Misa and has a male voice actor.... So yea......
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These recaps are making me want to watch the series again. It's a mindfuck. Seriously.
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Don't hold your breath. Misa sure is an annoying little bitch. I agree that I sure wouldn't ignore her advances but she poses as a very, very, loose end.

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Rem was one of my favorite characters in Death Note. No secret plans or hidden deceit, just straight up honesty. That's how I like my characters, but of course, that would make a boring plot if all characters were that way.
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