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 Is it just me or does Ryuk look like an evil Chesire Cat here?
 Is it just me or does Ryuk look like an evil Chesire Cat here?

How were they able to pack this many twists and turns into one episode?  I’m almost at loss over where to start - - there’s just so much to cover!  I suppose I’ll have to do this with quick bullet points... and you better believe these bullets aren't blanks!

  • What’s so tragic about this show is that L is been totally right about Light and Misa, he’s just been cheated out of having the evidence to prove it. It’s so frustrating to see him standing right next to Kira and knowing it's him, but not being able to take him down. So close, yet so far.
  • I don’t think Chief Yagami is going to make it to the end of this show. He’s already had a heart attack, he’s been through the ringer multiple times, he’s had to threaten to kill his pleading son and all for a lie that’ll have to be revealed eventually. You have to feel for him. He really is selfless, and he’s going to die for it.
  • That whole fake execution was edge-of-your-seat intense. If there were any more tension, the whole thing would be liable to snap.
  • I’m sorry to split hairs, but Light should have died anyway. If you fire a gun that closes to somebody’s forehead, it’s going to kill them, even if it’s a blank.
  • L’s seeming more and more like Batman as this series goes along.  He’s a master detective with a secret identity who’s an unofficial consultant to the police, he’s aided by an infinitely resourceful butler and he’s got an infinite supply of resources and capital. Does that sound familiar to you? Seriously, he has a skyscraper built for the sole purpose of aiding his investigation? You don’t get the case for that from good investments.
  • As if the status quo couldn’t be turned on its head again... now Kira’s been commercialized? The show's satire’s really running the gamut. The internet, celebrity culture and, now, the corporate world?
  • When did Matsuda become such a moron? You didn't even notice before and now everybody's pointing out how stupid he is. Talk about standing out for the wrong reasons.

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this is such a great show.  I'm assuming this is the first time you have seen it?  Not going to say anything else as that would spoil it but heh the twists and turns get even worse.  Has Misa had her song solo in the end of an episode yet?  In one of them the episode ends with her singing in a gothic lolita outfit.  It is quite interesting...
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Part of what I enjoyed about this show is this current dance they are in. It's a delicate balancing act. They both know for sure who the other are. They just lack what they need to do anything about it. So, they stay close to each other, pretend to be friends, and try to play the other for all it's worth. Light needs L's real name, and L needs the evidence to prove Light is Kira. All the while L has to deal with these police who he has to act for.  Each trying to make the other slip up first.
You are true about the lethality of blanks. It's not the bullet that gets you as much as the shock wave exiting the barrel.
There is even more in common with L and Batman, but save that for later.
It's funny, I just wrote a review on Comic Vine for the comic Sherlock Ninja #1. I found it remakrable how similar this version's Sherlock reminded me of Batman. It was great.
Matsuda really is an idiot. It's a prime example of what you get when you have to take whatever you are given.
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Oh man this episode, I remember leaning so far in my seat going "OOOOOHHHHH" worried on the outcome. Light's a crafty little bastard to make himself and Misa forget, makes thinks a lot more genuine. 
Even more so is that Light without memories... ah I'll let you watch the episode..XD (thought i was gunna spoil huh? NEVAR)
.. it's kinda cute even when she is starting over she still loves Light...
*cough* Shirley *cough* anyone?
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I kinda like the twists in this ep. It really increased the tension within the police force and showed more of their character. 
I think Matsuda's ignorance was a little overdone. How does one get in such a police force without having the expertise?
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@zaldar: It IS the first time I've seen. I have no idea where it's going. Haven't seen Misa's solo spot. You spoiled it for me! Ha ha ha... kidding.
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@Gasero: Nepotism, maybe?
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@Catolf:  It's almost like the first Misa designed the second Misa's personality. Like she's defined only by her infatuation with Light. Kind of reminds me of the test tube personalities in DARK CITY.
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@FoxxFireArt: Re: Matsuda. Ha ha... beggars can't be choosers when it comes to good help, right?
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L is completely Batman. The japanese rarely delve into the superhero genre so the need for such characters is revealed in other ways.
Only Batman does not mix sugar in his tea with his toes. he uses a butler.
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