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 It amuses me how there's such disagreement over what Rem's gender is.
 It amuses me how there's such disagreement over what Rem's gender is.

Well, I certainly didn’t expect Light to relinquish the Death Note and his memories like that.  I know they’re going to have to find some way for him to get all of that back - - there’s still, what, 25 episodes left in this series?  - - but I can’t guess what it’ll be for the life of me. I can ascribe the mystery of the murders occurring during his imprisonment as to some "working ahead" he must’ve done in the Death Note, but getting his memories and powers back?  I can’t think of anything aside from there being yet another loophole in the Death Note rules. It seems like practically every commercial break has got a new one and, at two an episode, that’s getting closeto at least 32 individual rules. Does that qualify as fan service to law students? I’m sure they’d get a special enjoyment out of how there’s enough legalese and clauses to fill five contracts.

Speaking of intersecting academia and DEATH NOTE (in ways that hopefully don’t get kids expelled)… I remember somebody here saying that that this show was a topic in his or her ethics class. I’m sure this episode in particular must provide some good gristle for the discourse. If Light and Misa have wiped their minds - - and effectively altered their personalities since experience shapes identity - - are they still culpable for the crimes they’ve committed? They’re effectively new people, now, and, for all intents purpose, the "Kiras" might as well be separate individuals.

It’s interesting to see L loosing it a little here, as well.  Sure, locking this trio up for 50 days and watching their every little move like some overseer is pretty out there.... but how about him snapping at that one task force member? He smacked his hand away? L's trying to seem unemotional and totally rational, but the frustration is clearly getting to him.  Maybe he's starting to feel like he's surrounded by amateurs, mirroring Light's annoyance over Misa's sloppiness (and furthering the long list of comparisons between the two.) I'm pretty sure he didn’t want him to tell Chief Yagami that the murders kept going on, for one.
Check out this episode "Decision" on Hulu here and read my comments on the last episode here.

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This arc of the show was kinda slow, but if I remember correctly, I was thoroughly pleased with the payoff. That is all I will say.
The individual Death Note rules were interesting to read, but I don't think they used most of them during the show/manga. Maybe they do in some of the movies or side stories - I didn't watch those.
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@Gasero:  I just remember Light saying something like there were only three in the beginning, and they just keep rolling out new ones.
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It's been a while since I watched this series. Reliving it through your articles reminds me of how fast everything moved.
The idea of their minds being wiped does raise an interesting dilemma. It kind of reminds me of how Tony Stark just happen to lose all those memories prior to Civil War. By the by, that was such a cop out.
It sort of goes along with the question of if a person is mentally sound to stand trial. Still, you don't need a person to know or understand their crimes to stand trial. The same way as to why you don't need a suspect to admit guilt in a confession.
If there is enough evidence to prove involvement.  Even if Misa has no memories. How do you then still deny the hair and fiber evidence found?
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@FoxxFireArt:  Yeah, I'm really startled by how consistently fast the pace has been. It's almost never let up.
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can you imagine how scary it would be if the Death Note was an iPad?
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