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 Doesn't he look like a monster here?
 Doesn't he look like a monster here?

I’ve commented about this before, but I think it’s worth going into more detail about given what Misa does in this episode.

As a writer and a fan of fantasy, there are number of concepts that just don’t capture my imagination. There’s no quicker way to lose my interest in a story than to tell me, specifically, that it’s about vampires, werewolves, zombies, Frankensteins or any combination of the four. If there’s a twist that supposedly makes them fresh, it better be a significant one and, even then, it’s going to face an uphill battle to win me over. I’m a firm believer that there are some ideas that just get stale and, more specifically to the realm of horror, there are some monsters who belong to certain zeitgeists, who only work in certain times. Bram Stoker’s DRACULA (and all vampires, let’s be real) touched upon Victorian fears of unrestricted sexuality represented in the charming, but foreign, stranger.  FRANKENSTEIN similarly spoke to fears of science  perverting sacred nature.  And, if you really break it down, every zombie movie’s basically just a remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD with varying degrees of seriousness and satire.

I see Light and his death note as a monster for today.  Obviously, there are parallels to terrorism, like how Kira issues grainy video statements and how the police refuse to negotiate with him. What’s more intriguing, however, is how Kira’s a boogeyman for the internet age just like THE RING’S Samara/Sadako and her cursed tape was the video culture ghost. Go to any message board (but certainly not any of Anime Vice’s) and you’ll see people acting in socially unacceptable ways. They’ll write things online that they would never dare say in person.  Why? Because the internet empowers and the online alias enables that behavior.   
Think about it… where does Light get his “Kira” alias from? A fansite.  What does that alias allow him to do? Voice secret opinions that would quickly alienate his friends and family in the real world, and take actions that reach as far as the media’s web of information will allow him. What is “Kira” but Light’s screenname? He gets to be this mass murderer when he’s in his room, than he can switch it off just as easily as closing a browser window and return to being the big man on campus, the respectable valevictorian, the sun-haired good son, without any consequences. 
When commenting about how easy it was to just look up all of Light’s personal information, Misa says something to the effect of, “What kind of world do we live in, today?” It’s this new world Light so frequently proclaims himself master of.
Oh boy... you know I'm "in too deep" when I start getting on tracts like this.

You can check out this episode, "Confession" on Hulu here, make your own bizarre screeds and then
check out my comments for the last episode here.

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I thought it was a interesting thing that he got his name from a fan site, he turns off and on 'Kira' at his own pleasure, a gentlemen in public, a monster behind doors. I find Light complicated and interesting because of this.
He's like an antagonistic in disguise of a protagonist that you can't help be wonder what he'll do next, and find yourself in some extent rooting on just to see how far he'll go. You know if he get's caught it'll most likely end, so you want him to keep running rampant on his 'mission' to be god of the new world.
To see if he can do it... and see if he can keep things stable if he does.
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Well, by the actual definition of a terrorist. Light is one. The idea of a terrorist has mistakenly become the image of someone who is of Arab descent. That would be quite the shock to all those bombings in Ireland a few decades back. That was one of the worst things to come out of the war in Afghanistan. To call it "The War on Terror". Terrorism is a tactic..
The only true way to try and wipe out terrorism in the world is to kill every other human in the planet, and then yourself.
Light is trying to get his way through the act of fear. To scare people into submission to his will. Stray from his path and he will kill you. That is a terrorist.
I've had death threats come at me through the internet. I knew it was someone I used to work with at another job, because they knew things only people there could of known. This person kept going on and on about how they were going to kill me. I called him a coward for hiding through the internet to use a fake name and email address. That I knew he was afraid of me, because he wasn't saying any of these things to my face.

" And, if you really break it down, every zombie movie’s basically just a remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD with varying degrees of seriousness and satire. "

Shaun of the Dead is the best zombie movie ever. 
I also like the Resident Evil games. I'm a sucker for Jill Valentine.
Best way to get me to like a vampire movie is to put Kate Beckinsale in it. I'm burned out on the whole vampire theme. That's why I can't wait for this vampire fad Marvel is about to begin is over with.
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I was with Light on the killing criminals with a Death Note skit until he let everything get carried away. 
It is interesting how he begins to interact with the Kira popularity though.
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@Catolf: France has more of a history of genuine anti-heroes like Fantomas and Diabolik that you don't really in American entertainment. It's fun to see it here.  He's almost like Tom Ripley from that novel series.
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@FoxxFireArt:  You got death threats? What this guy so pissed about? What happened to him?
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@Gasero:  Yeah... Misa's basically an obsessed. A gorgeous, famous obsessed fan.
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