In Real Life Would You Support Kira?

Topic started by Organicalistic_ on March 24, 2011. Last post by JimeeJo 1 year, 2 months ago.
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Post by cosmicdude (632 posts) See mini bio Level 9

No. That guy planed to kill lazy people.

Post by Sonata (36,370 posts) See mini bio Level 20

Not just no, Hell NO! lol

Post by hitsusatsu11 (10,747 posts) See mini bio Level 20


I did support him in the show though

Post by Elfenlied1012 (557 posts) See mini bio Level 15

No, the man had no sense of real morality. In reality he targeted more people he disliked and threatened him than just criminals, even people he just thought were lazy. Especially in season two the man was a world dictator from an armchair forcing a world to obey him and worship him. No law, no justice, just one egomaniac deciding on whims who lives or dies and it just so happened he had a penchant for murdering people thought to be criminals, though criminals who often were already caught and thus going to be imprisoned or people who hadn't even had a trial yet, which may have found them innocent. (seeing as he just listened to the news) I just don't want his sort of peace, plus I don't trust him to steer the world well, when does he start killing politicians that he doesn't like the positions they follow or rebels fighting in revolutions that might be needed, since he banned war. Would he end up just leaving pro kira politicians in the world and killing all the others, forming a world state after his image.

Truth is I hated him. The man was a mad man child, no dignity or class, born with ungodly luck and an unnatural gift with planning. An angry child obsessed with himself, playing a death game only he knew the rules of a basically a massive advantage, yet still lost. L was justice, and when he fell all I could hope for was N and M to give me vengeance.

Post by Erik (128 posts) See mini bio Level 8

Not Kira, no. That kid was frickin nuts and had no problem justifying the killing of innocents.

Post by JimeeJo (387 posts) See mini bio Level 13

kira wasnt a good man he had a few good intentions but to want to change the world and then become the god of the new world it just wasnt good i didnt support him in the show and i wouldnt suport him in real life

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