Death Note (Finally) Hits Hollywood

Topic started by gia on April 30, 2009. Last post by apoptosis61 4 years, 7 months ago.
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Guys I know just the perfect cast for Kira better than Zac Efron:
Chace Crawford!
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you wanna c a death note fan good berserk ok

but at least he dies i guess
 they better have a good "near" and "L" 
and if they are gonna change the story line they better give matt more screen time 
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darm straight  
Zak better not be light 
i was pissed off about twilight and all the screaming 40 year olds and little kiddies loving twilight so much and they don't know the real story   
i do not want that to happen to death note i'm happy death note is getting more films but i don't want bogan fans going around wearing death note stuff saying how much they love death note just because of zak efron
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@ArticFox1: Well, its 2010 now, and a couple months ago Effron confirmed there were talks, but that nothing had essentially moved forward, so no need to fear... yet.
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@ArticFox1 said:
" @John_Martone: dadadadaaaaa  "
Is that relief, excitement, I don't know how to speak your language.
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@John_Martone: Most likely true. It's unlikely we'll see a Hollywood Death Note this year. DAMN YOU, IMDb PRO!
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nah i was just typing weird noises kinda  relieved 
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I hope that people who would actually watch this would be aware of what is really the story behind death note. It would be pretty lame if people flocked the theaters, especially fans of Efron not knowing what the whole story is about.
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If that No talent Idiot is cast in this movie, I will go to his house and beat the shit out of him 
And you fan girls go to hell, You, Zac Efron and EVERYTHING related to your Precious Twilight CAN GO TO HELL
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I would really love to See Zac Efron act as Kira because not only do they really look alike, I believe if he can play a role of a socoipath...perfectly, he'll prove to us how good he is at acting and maybe win more Fans! Who Knows rite?
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I believe Joseph Gordon Levitt  would be good as L....uhm that's what i Think     (^-^')Heheh with a dash of dark circles that is 


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 I don't even like the real Death Note to begin with and the idea of a hollywood version makes me mad.  Why?  Simply because I know the track record.  The odds of the show getting anything that resembles a faithful translation are basically non existent.  They will cast whoever the predominant no talent "young adult" actors are like Zack Effron and they will homogenize as much of it as possible.  Why?  This is coming from the Death to Smoochy guy you know?  Simple.  Because it is an anime that doesn't have Miyazaki's name on it which means it can't be good for Americans in it's normal form.  Face it they can't even bring Twilight faithfully to film.
That said good luck to those Death Note fans out there hoping this turns out good, and or does get a release eventually.
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Oh No. I don't think they should make ANOTHER live action film but in English. 
I rather liked the Japanese  ones and I ALSO don't think ZAC EFRON of all people,
should be Kira.
He's too much of a smiley, cheery, happy kind of guy to be a handsome psychopath killer
who thinks he god :/
Oh well..... Nothing I can do about it T.T 
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NOOOOOOOOOOO!! Zac, please go back to your high school musical songs, PLEASE DO NOT RUIN DEATH NOTE. OUT OF ALL ANIME, WHY DEATH NOTE?!?! Go play Shin Chan or Ash Ketchup or something!!! Seriously, just leave Death Note ALONE y'all! It's good the way it IS!!!!!    
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Hey you got it all wrong Zac Efron should not be a role model as light yagami he's wrong for being as him. This is the guy who would be more prefect as Light yagami and best role model of the death note movie. His name is  James maslow he's very prefect as Role Model of Light Yagami Kira. 

Who' agree with me James Maslow is a prefect of being a Light yagami. If you ask any question feel free letting me know. :3
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OMG And i have a another better Idea Rain should rather be a best role model as
lawliet. He's prefect for being a great Job as lawliet L You should try Rain he's prefect Role model as LAWLIET People come on wake up. And Don't forget James Maslow and Rain are the prefect Role Models of a movie calls Death Note. These two are way prefect being as L and Light yagami.

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 What about Samuel "L" Jackson?
 What about Samuel "L" Jackson?
Post by sakura101 (4 posts) See mini bio Level 1
Hey she's very cool role play as Misa and prefect being as her . LOL 

 Choose my idea so we can watch better movie of a version death note
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