Death Note (Finally) Hits Hollywood

Topic started by gia on April 30, 2009. Last post by apoptosis61 4 years, 7 months ago.
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Yue: the meme originally appeared on 4ch, so it was never a Vice thing anyway
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I've yet to see how good of an actor Efron is, but I'm happy about this.
  I really think it could go well :).
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The Tenpresenters are circle jerking now. one, They have merged the big two Agencies. And now they MIGHT use Zak for the franchise. The reason being is that they want a more Americanized Bale if that makes any sense. Im not surprised they are doing the movie - Anime + Conterverscy * X = Money. Solve for x.
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Its so ironic how for DBZ they cast a non asian for the lead, and yet in Death Note, people are urging for a non-asian to be the lead.

but then again, Zac Efron does look like Light. Poor kid, this was his destiny, his purpose, his ultimate fate. I would like to see Zac Efron all emo and psychotic, murderous and calculating compared to his happy, chappy, im-in-love-so-life-has-to-be-great roles. what a feast for HSM fans >D

um i really do wonder, if him being a sociopath is a real turn on for fans O_O becuase they see him go all serious orz xD and question: which version will they follow? anime or live action movie? :O

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Zac Efron as Kira = Patrick Stewart as Professor X?

During the early 90s, there was much fan-wanking over who should be cast in a "potential" X-Men movie. Keep in mind, that this was long before 20th Century Fox got serious about an adaptation, and Lauren Shuler Donner was brought on board. All this "ZAC EFRON MUST BE KIRA" fervor reminded me a little of the jonesing X-fans had to get Patrick Stewart completely shaved and seated in a wheelchair.

Around then, Wizard magazine was rather noteworthy for their "Casting Call"  features they had every now and then. Just for laughs, here's a look at who they picked to be in the Watchmen movie, back in 1996:

David Caruso as Rorschach (!!!!)
William Hurt as Nite Owl
Robert Redford as Ozymondias
Dennis Farina as The Comedian (!!)
Demi Moore as Silk Spectre

Sadly, it seems I don't have the issue with the X-Men "Casting Call". I'm sure it would've been hysterical to, well, the four or so people who'd recognize the names. Man, I'm feeling my age.

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 I'm gonna turn to the the sixteen year old goth girl sitting next to me in the theater and tell her the joke that's been made billions times before "When are they gonna start singing and dancing?" Than be quietly ushered out by the police.
 I'm gonna watch it but I don't have any faith that it'll be any good. 
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@transgojobot: They had that feature in Anime Insider, too, may it rest in peace.
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Well, Anything to get rid of that Disneyfication Complex, eh Zac?
(just don't be Souske, OK?)
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Nooooooo!!! Please, don't do it!!

Didn't Hollywood already succeed in making a horrible anime rip off movie this year (Dragon Ball)? Why do they have to get their grubby hands on Death Note too?? What was wrong with the Japanese live action movies? And why is Hollywood obsessed with making all the characters white? The story takes place in freaking Japan! If that High school musical boy is made Light, they'll have automatically turned the movie into an awkward, disjointed, heaping pile of crap, just like Dragon Ball. He doesn't look like like Light because Light is Japanese.

Stop making Japanese characters white people please!!

Maybe Hollywood could instead use their energy to come up with an original story idea instead of relying on comics. Though with a release date of 2010, it doesn't seem like they'll be trying very hard on this sure to be crap movie.
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nicccccccccce i want to see it sooooo bad!!!!!!!!!
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@rageanddoom: this has nothing to do with me liking him or not that is a bad idea he is not the right actor for this
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I'd love to see him as a psycho
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ehhh could be worse..I dont like Zac Efron much, but he does look quite a bit like Light. can anyone tell me where there might be casting auditions?? I really REALLY need to find one. I could be the next Misa, not even joking.
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I vote for Alessando Juliani for the roll of L. He already played him in the  anime dub and  with a good make up job might look like L as well.
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This film will be a disaster if Zac Efron (who needs to STOP making films) is going to be playing Light and with no one suitable to play L I can't see this working at all. The three live action that are already out are already the best live action versions of Death Note you're ever likely to see.
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Zac Efron CAN NOT play Kira!!!! 
This is just terrible, he's nothing like him...and it's even worse that American's are once again trying to ruin a Japanese Anime! It's just awful, what is happening to the world?
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Why was my post deleted?
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no way should zac efron be light. he may look the part, but i don't hink that he can play the part. he mainy plays a high school student. i don't know if i should be sick at the thought or high amused.
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No!!! No fucking way, will I sit back and watch some rich, homosexual, disney star, become Kira in Death Note! It will NEVER happen! He will totally demolish the entire true fan base and warp it into some kind of Twilightish thing, where it's completly made up of 10 year old screaming little girls, who only "Like" the seris, because they think the main character is sexxy and they want to sleep with him!! NOOO!!!!
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on April 30, 2009


There is already a live-action Death Note. Two, in fact. They were great. Please don't ruin it for me. (Still haven't seen L change the WorLd. Not sure if want.)    
  Ive seen all of them and if you didnt notice they were different from the anime. Warner bros. has already said that theyre going to do the "Anime Adaptation", not the already created live action film remakes.  
on April 30, 2009
Haha I wonder if Ryuk will still look like Ryuk..
 Of course he will, if not people would be preeeetty pissed. Besides theyre going to make it as close to the Anime as possible. And no names will not be changed Misa will be Misa, Light will be Light, Near, Mello, L, Watari, Rem, Ryuk,Takeda,Jealous,Sayu, and everyone else will keep their original given name.
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