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Death Note is a franchise comprised of 6 movies, 1 anime series, 6 manga series
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He was the original successor to L


Aiber is a conman and assistant of L in his investigations. He plays the role of one of L's aliases.

Anthony Carter

AKA Anthony Rester works for the SPK.

Armonia Justin Beyondormason

A Shinigami from Death Note who is the right-hand man of the Shinigami King.

Beyond Birthday

Going by the alias of "Ryuzaki", Beyond Birthday aids Naomi Misora with the BB Serial Murder case while keeping it a well known fact from her that he is the true culprit.


Another Death Note user.He kills only the elderly that wish to die

Chief Soichiro Yagami

Father of Light Yagami and lead detective in charge of finding the killer Kira.


He is one of the letters of Wammy's House.He is a colleague of L


A Shinigami that fell in love with a human. When he prevented her death out of love, he died himself.

Halle Bullook

Halle Bullook (aka Halle Lidner) is a former Secret Service agent that assisted Near as a member of the SPK in the investigation to apprehend the killer Kira.

Hirokazu Ukita

Hitoshi Demegawa

Director of Sakura TV.

Kanzo Mogi

Part of the investigation team working with Chief Yagami and L trying to find Kira.

King of Death

The Shinigami king is the ruler of all shinigami

Kiyomi Takada

Light Yagami's classmate at To-Ho. She is very popular and intelligent.

Kyosuke Higuchi

A member of the Yotsuba board of directors with a tie to Kira. Rival companies are having their employees killed by a Kira.

L Lawliet

L is one of the world's greatest detectives. His identity was always a guarded secret. His biggest and deadliest case was tracking down the killer known as Kira.

Light Yagami

Light Yagami is an attractive and highly intelligent young man who hides a vicious distaste for the world around him. His life is forever changed the day he finds the Death Note outside of his high school.


A resident of Wammy's House. She is a skilled artist.

Maki Nikaido


Matt Jeevas is a character from Death Note who worked with Mello during the Kira Case. He was also from the Wammy House, and is frequently seen smoking cigarettes and playing video games.


An orphan that grew up with Near in Wammy's House, a shelter for gifted children overseen by Watari. He's a candidate to be L's successor. He also really likes chocolate.

Merrie Kenwood

Merri Kenwood, "Weddy", was an off the records associate of L. A professional cat burglar. She assists in infiltration and plays the role of one of L's aliases.


She is a salamander-like Shinigami

Misa Amane

Misa is an actress/singer that came into possession of a Death Note. She developed a crush on Kira and devoted herself to his cause, even making a deal for Shimigami eyes (the ability to know anyone's name by looking at them) in exchange for half her lifespan.

Naomi Misora

Former FBI agent. She began her search for the killer Kira after her fiance, Reye Penber was killed


The new likely successor to L. His mind is sharp and he easily trumps his rival Mello.

Raye Penber

Ray Penbar is an FBI agent assigned to follow Light Yagami when the families of the police are being investigated in the Kira case.




Roger is director in the home for orphans which is called Wammy's House. He had the task to choose the successor to L.


Ryuk is a Shinigami, a death god, that was so bored one day he dropped his Death Note to see what would happen. He also has an obsession with apples.The Death Note is discovered by Light, and Ryuk follows him around for much of the series to see how Light

Sachiko Yagami

The wife of Soichiro Yagami and mother of Light and Sayu.


The only female member of the KIRA investigation team in the Death Note live action movies.

Sayu Yagami

She is Light Yagami's sister and cares for him.


death god in death note

Shiori Akino

Light's girlfriend in the first Death Note live-action movie.

Shuichi Aizawa

One of the few men to stay on the Kira Investigation team.

Stephen Loud

Teru Mikami

A criminal prosecutor and hardcore supporter of Kira. He becomes the fourth Kira.

Touta Matsuda

The youngest member of the team of officers trying to track down Kira. Sometimes his naivity can get the better of him and he often places himself in huge danger because of his actions

Unnamed Shinigami

This shingami originally appeared in the third chapter and later the Re-light OVA. He is heavily implied to be Light's reincarnation due to his actions and characteristics.



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